I’m opening up this thread in honor of my upcoming ‘truthversary.’  I thought it would be fun for people to share their story of how they broke from mainstream narratives and fell down the truther rabbit hole. And also, when and how did you discover Miles Mathis’ work? I’ll kick things off by sharing my story:

I generally date my conversion to being a “conspiracy theorist” when I was procrastinating in early January 2016 and clicked on a recommended video on YouTube. It was “9/11: The New Pearl Harbor.” The documentary is about 5 hours long, and I had no intention of watching the whole thing that day. But after the first 30 minutes I was hooked and couldn’t stop.

But that wasn’t my first trip down the rabbit hole.

In high school, probably 11th grade, I wrote a term paper in US History about how FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor but turned a blind eye because he felt it was the only way to get the country into war to fight the Axis threat. I read at least a couple of legitimate history books that go into the details of that. Little did I know then about limited hangouts and misdirection. Because of course FDR was never against the Germans or the Japanese. He was always for the bankers who were working both sides of the conflict to become even more obscenely wealthy. And the fauxtos from the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor bombing also lead me to suspect that it didn’t happen as we are told. But I approached the topic in that paper almost as a curiosity – I’m not even sure I believed the argument. I wrote it because I found it interesting and stimulating.

Later in college in the mid-90’s I had a buddy who turned me on to UFO’s and aliens, and he nearly convinced me that there were many legitimate sightings of UFO’s and that the Earth was being visited and studied by one or more alien species. After all, the high ranking military officers who testified about their sightings were trustworthy, right? Why would they risk their careers and reputations to come forward? In fact, why would anyone lie about their encounters with aliens if it meant they were going to be ridiculed? Sure they could give talks on the UFO conference circuit, but nobody was getting rich off their tales of abduction, etc.

It was only in the last few years that I would come to understand that all of these people would lie if they were being ordered and/or paid to do so, and that the “UFOs are piloted by aliens” is really just a psyop designed to hide the true origin of UFOs (Earth) and their actual pilots (phoeny humans). Most recent example: former head of Israeli Defense Ministry’s Space Division and 3-time winner of the Israel Security Award recently came forward to announce that the US and Israel have both been dealing with aliens for years. Trump was on the verge of disclosing their existence, but the “Galactic Federation reportedly stopped him from doing so, saying they wished to prevent mass hysteria since they felt humanity needed to evolve and reach a stage where we will… understand what space and spaceships are.” Which makes no sense and just reads like another test of people’s gullibility.

But after nearly accepting the reality of UFO’s, I lost interest in the subject and moved on with my life. Then in the early 2000’s, I don’t remember how, but I came across a blog called Rigorous Intuition. The writer of this blog focused on two things: one was stories of satanic ritual abuse of children among the military and the elite. The other was the alleged hijackers of the 9/11 attack, talking about their womanizing and alcohol drinking in Florida prior to the attack and largely based on the work of Michael Ruppert. (At the time of course I thought Ruppert was a brave truth-teller, but now one glance at his long Wikipedia reveals who he really was: dad was a former military officer who later worked as a liaison between the CIA, the Air Force and a major defense contractor; mom was at the NSA; Ruppert himself turned down a job offer from the CIA [sure he did!] to work at the LAPD where he quickly stumbled upon and blew the whistle on a CIA drugs smuggling operation, surprise surprise.)

At the time, the material broached by that blog left me totally shaken. It wasn’t so much the 9/11 material (which hinted at something nefarious about the hijackers but never just came right out and showed it was a false flag), but rather the satanic stuff. The idea that there was a powerful and broad network of people engaged in satanic ritual abuse of children with the aim of creating mind-controlled slaves that they could then deploy for blackmail and other purposes was grotesque and deeply troubling. I simply accepted that it was most likely true, sort of packed it away in my subconscious, and moved on with my life. I no longer believe that it’s true. I think it is another elaborate web of lies designed to distract us from the truth. (And not coincidentally, raising the possibility that events are hoaxed is considered breaking the rules of the Rigorous Intuition forum.)

So although I always had an open mind for alternative ideas and conspiracy theories, they never quite stuck with me or fundamentally changed my overall worldview that dramatically. I think it was because I was never quite fully convinced that what I had learned was true. There was enough of a shadow of a doubt that I was pulled back from the edge of the rabbit hole.

Fast forward to late 2012. Something reminded me of my interest in UFOs, and I did a websearch. I came across the Reddit r/UFOs subreddit and began a long, deep dive into that topic, but now I had the internet at my fingertips. I got really into it and reached the same conclusion again, only this time I was sure it was true that UFOs existed, were piloted by aliens and the governments of the world knew that and were covering it up. The exact outlines of what the governments knew, what their involvement was with the aliens and what the aliens’ intentions were was hard to discern for sure, but overall the picture was clear. That rabbit hole also led me into ‘free energy,’ cold fusion and LENR, etc.   

Then in early January 2016 I watched 9/11: The New Pearl Harbor, which was probably recommended alongside some UFO video. Actually my paper in high school on Pearl Harbor is probably what piqued my curiosity about that documentary. Anyway, after watching it and then spending a couple of weeks examining the evidence and the arguments for and against it, there was no doubt left in my mind about it being an ‘inside job.’ (Of course, I now realize that that documentary on 9/11 is a limited hangout but still a great introduction for anyone with an open mind.) My worldview changed completely and permanently. I spent the next month hoovering everything conspiracy related that I could, with one principle guiding my endeavors: I would never ignore something or refuse to consider it just because I thought it was implausible. I still try to uphold that.

With Reddit’s help, I quickly got into the Sandyhook hoax and the Boston Bombing hoax (back when they were promoting hoaxes). So I was sort of primed for that when somebody on Reddit posted about Miles. I guess that would have been late February or early March of 2016. And the rest is history. Real history. Not fake history. My life has not been the same since. Thank goodness!

So now it’s your turn — let’s hear your stories. (Note if this is your first time commenting here, your comment will automatically go to moderation. It might go to moderation even if it isn’t your first time. Yes you need to leave an email to comment but it doesn’t need to be a real email address.)