Comment Troubleshooting & Policies

Having trouble posting a comment?

If this is your first time commenting, your comment will automatically go to moderation. Once you have a comment approved, you can then post freely. However, if you change your e-mail or IP address, the system will treat you as a new commenter.

Even after you have a comment approved, you will likely have comments go to moderation in the future. This could be because a word in your comment is on the list of words that force comments into moderation. But most comments that go to moderation do not contain words on that list — and I don’t know why they go to moderation at all. If you do not see your comment appear within 24 hours, it likely went to spam, which is different from the moderation queue. Contact me via the contact link at the top of the blog or by e-mail, and I will fish it out of the spam folder. (FYI, comments with lots of hyperlinks are more likely to go to spam.)

If you feel that your comment is time-sensitive, then I recommend copying your comment before submitting it. If you don’t see it appear after a few minutes, you can paste it in again and it will often (but not always) get posted again the second (or third) time.

Also, there is a limit to the number of ‘nested comment’ replies allowed. So if you find that you are not able to reply to someone’s reply (because there is no reply button), you have to find and reply to the comment to which that person replied. To signal the user to whom you are replying, you can start your comment with @username so the user will know you are replying to them. Using this convention for all replies is helpful in general.

Guidelines on content:

Please try to post in the appropriate thread. If you have something to say about current events in general, post them under the Current Events post. If you have something to say about space fakery (including NASA, SpaceX, etc.), put it under the Space Fakery post. Likewise things related to the history of spooks/Phoenicians should go under the Brief History of Spookery post, and comments on health-related topics should go under the Health Matters post (although people have generally been posting things about coronavirus under current events). Fake photos (aka Phoeny Fauxtos) should be posted in the Families’ Fauxto Album post. And if you have something nice to say about Miles Mathis, post it here.

Keep in mind that all first-time commenters are suspected trolls. If you are polite and offer substantive comments, then you will be treated politely. If you come in with a antagonistic attitude and an axe to grind, you will be escorted off the premises.

Comments on the following topics will also bring suspicion your way: advocating Flat Earth (or any other shape besides solid and spherical); satellites are fake; promoting the German New Medicine; and pushing hard on the “all celebrities and politicians are trannies” or something similar. The satellite and GNM issues have been discussed here ad nauseum and I shut down the discussion because it was becoming a distraction. Supporters and opponents agreed to disagree. You can search the site for those discussions. Any promoters of Flat Earth and “all famous people are trannies” will be banned without warning. Don’t like it? Start your own blog.