Hey everybody, it’s that time of the year again to vote for your favorites. Here are the categories this year:

  1. Favorite new paper by Miles (any subject) from 2020.
  2. Favorite guest paper from 2020.
  3. Silliest/most absurd hoaxed event of 2020.**
  4. Worst/most obnoxious crisis actor of 2020.

Also, please leave your favorite quote(s) by Miles or his guest writers (from any year!) in your comments . I will compile them for another post. Or you can use the “Contact” link above to e-mail to me your votes and/or quotes. Votes cast after Sunday night January 3 at 11:59pm EST will not be counted! And votes for papers published in previous years but updated in 2020 will not be counted.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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RESULTS: I received a last-minute deluge of votes just before midnight last night. They were all registered with an email of some guy named ‘Beau Biden.’ Seemed fishy so I threw them out.

Last year there was a landslide vote for best paper, which was The Titanic. This year the votes were more even, but there was one that stood out: Where Did All the Phoenicians Go? Honorable mentions include the papers on Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson and The Hindenburg.

For guest papers, the winner is The Anne Frank Fake, followed very closely by British Abolition.

The vote for silliest/most absurd hoaxed event was a blowout: the coronavirus/COVID-19 hoax. Personally I wouldn’t say it is particularly silly, but absurd is definitely on target.

And for worst/most obnoxious crisis actor, the award goes to British Health Minister Matt Hancock’s reaction after watching a clip of William Shakespeare receiving the second COVID vaccine in England. Donald Trump was a close runner-up. Hancock’s (omg!) laughable performance can be seen at 5:26 here:


I will be compiling the quotes for an upcoming post on Mathisisms. Stay tuned. And if you haven’t shared your truther journey story yet, please do so here.