Best of 2022




1st Place: Henry VIII Was Gay

2nd Place: Meditations on Meditation

3rd Place: Tied between The Restoration and Chris Reeve Project Was Staged

BEST SCIENCE PAPER: How Does A Sail Work? (by a landslide) with Gravity and Turing the only other votes. (Though I forgot to add this as a category…)


1st Place: The Pacific Theater Series by a landslide.

2nd Place: The Tiananmen Square Massacre Was Staged

3rd Place: Fake Deaths in Weimar

Here’s wishing all of us a year ahead filled with new discoveries, good health, and increasing charge!

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Current Events Discussion Thread


[This is the thread to discuss the current corona virus psy-op.]

From Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Thousand Oaks to Russian Collusion and the Khashoggi assassination, false-flag hoaxes, conspoofacies, fake murders and other manufactured events are running non-stop around the world and around the corner.

A reader wrote in to suggest opening a comment section devoted to discussing current (faked) events. I thought it was a good idea and would provide a place where people could chime in on what’s going on in the news and even offer evidence for why they think the event was faked, hoaxed, manufactured, etc. (or why not). Have at it, unless you think it’s a waste of your time–in which case, don’t!

Meeting Miles Mathis

I received an e-mail by “Maria” relating a visit she had in person with Miles back when he lived in Taos. Maria is a pseudonym, but I know and have confirmed her real identity. The fact of the matter is that I had no trouble believing her account of her time with Miles, because it was almost exactly like the one I had when I had the pleasure of meeting him in person this summer when I was in California.

He definitely has a different persona than I expected, very different than his writing. Though I should have expected it since he has said as much and others have reported it. He is very friendly and soft spoken and has a slight tinge of a Texan accent. He set me at ease, and boy was I nervous.

The place he is staying was adorned with his artwork, which really is amazing. He has written that the pictures on his website do not do them justice. I didn’t realize just much they don’t them justice until I was face-to-face with them. I was captivated. Such depth and beauty. We chatted, had lunch, he showed me his work space (desk and computer), chatted some more, and then before I knew it, it was time to skedaddle. But I had met the man in person, finally.

I suppose I could say it convinced me that he is the real deal and it gave me confidence that he has done all the things he says he has. But to be honest I didn’t need any convincing of that. I had already come to that conclusion, in part via the accounts of others who had met him in person — including one person who would later get on board with the idiotic MWM writing committee theory.

I doubt that people who want to believe he doesn’t exist or isn’t who he says he is or hasn’t done the things he seems to have done are going to be convinced by what I’ve written or anything else in this post. But there may be some who were like I was, stumbling through the fog, doubting their own intuition. for them this post might shine some light. So without further ado:

A personal account of Miles Mathis

By Maria

Miles tells me that there are many people who wonder if he is a real person and if he really has written all those papers on art, physics and history that are posted on his website. One can spend hours, days, months and maybe even years reading his works, which by now probably fill a small library. I can understand that some will wonder if one person all on his own has the talent and capacity necessary to perform such extensive and groundbreaking work without institutional support and grants to aid him. Because of all the speculation around his existence, Miles has asked me to say a couple of words about him, and so to all the people who wonder if Miles is a real person, I am here to give an account of my personal experience with him. In my experience, Miles is a real person and did indeed write the papers posted on his website.  

In real life, Miles looks exactly like he does in the pictures posted on the Miles Mathis website, so those are not just photoshop. When I talked to Miles, it also became clear that he isn’t just a poster boy and front for some writing committee who was put out there to claim to have written the papers on the Miles Mathis website. One can talk to Miles about the topics in his papers as he remembers and is able discuss the content of the papers posted on his site. It was also evident to me that Miles is an artist as he has a lot of painting equipment, and his walls were decorated by many of the beautiful paintings that he has posted on his website. Like he has occasionally written about, he does also own quite a few classic vintage bicycles, which he has restored. Some of his kitchen drawers are filled with bicycle tools and equipment instead of kitchen utensils. As one can imagine, Miles is also very fond of books, so much so that he repairs and restores old and broken books. There were indeed a lot of books in his home, of which many had received new hard covers. Aside from books and bicycles, his shelves were also filled with a substantial LP collection dating back to the period 1960 -1980s. I can attest to that Miles knows a lot about music in this period and less about music from the 90s, not that there is much worth knowing about music in the 90s. In several of his papers Miles has also written about his cats, and I can report that his cats live like royals, being fed only high-quality food.

As someone with an above average interest in physics, I felt like a small child on Christmas Eve being able to sit down with Miles and pick his brain on everything from special relativity to his famous charge field and to the edge of science where physics meets spirituality. I probably sleep better at night from the great relief I feel that someone finally came up with a mechanical and logical explanation for the double slit experiment interference patterns and from the soothing calm brought on by his burial of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and his merciless critique of string theory. If one has first tried to understand modern physics and felt like one was looking into a spinning kaleidoscope while listening to psychedelic music, entering the world of Mathisian physics feels like waking up from an Alice-in-Wonderland-like dream. With a sigh of relief, one can realize reality makes much more sense than the incoherent and confusing dream one has just had.

I have wondered how Miles is able to make so much sense of just about everything he comes across, how he can think himself to physical explanations where others resort to inventing mystery particles or constructing mathematical explanations that defy the very reality they are supposed to reflect. When I asked him how he can do what he does in physics, he explained to me that he is able to step inside the math, making me imagine that his thoughts always exist in some sort of 3D space whereas mine are confined to 2D and to drawing figures on a paper. Where others project the problem onto a surface, Miles seems to place himself in the middle of it, feeling or sensing the particles or forces coming at him or pulling him from different angles. In his unique position, he may see or even feel where the math fails the physics and how it must be rewritten. To me, it seems like there is a connection between his art and his physics where the ability to visualize is key. My impression is also, though, that Miles is somewhat of a mystery even to himself and not just to those who study his works. Some may even wonder if some alien species placed Miles here as a friendly favor. Personally, I can attest to that Miles is very human and does not show any signs of being an alien. Although his abilities are rare, I don’t think they are improbable as nature can create great diversity. I think it is difficult to fathom the ramifications of Miles’ work in physics, and it’s even harder to come to grips with the fact that society ridicules and vilifies one of the greatest physicists who has ever lived. History may at some point show little mercy towards our time and characterize it as medieval for the way we corrupt science and mistreat scientists like Miles Mathis.  

If you met Miles in the grocery store, would you get any clue as to that he can explain dark matter so elegantly or spends his spare time dumbfounding intelligence agencies with his exposés? No. There is nothing about Miles’ appearance that gives him away, at least not that I could spot. He doesn’t resemble any of the stereotypical geniuses we have been presented with in movies. Instead, he appears to be a low-key down to earth kind of guy and not at all absent-minded and professor-like. He is polite and accommodating and does not come off quite as tough as he does in some of his papers. Where one might notice Miles starting to deviate from the norm, is that he recalls a surprising level of detail of situations past, and that he will make comments while watching something on TV saying things like, “but that isn’t right, he just did something that contradicts what he is now saying and doing”. It would have been a small detail most people don’t notice or don’t remember well enough to realize reveals what is being shown is a fictional drama, but to Miles these inconsistencies are visible. So, one can imagine that whenever someone is trying to pose fiction as real, Miles will spot it without much effort.