I’ve been meaning to create a post for all discussions related to viruses. Do they even exist? Do they cause disease? Are they just misunderstood or mislabeled exosomes? Does SARS-Cov-2 exist? So if you want to discuss any of these issues related to reality of SARS-CoV-2 or any other virus. This is your place. I will delete comments about it in other threads. To be clear, you can still post about the insanity related to the alleged pandemic on other threads, but if you want to debate whether that or any other virus is real or not, this is your place. If in doubt, just post here.

The reason I’m doing this is that some people seem to be very passionate about this issue and the discussions about it have started to dwarf what I view as more productive discussions about more pertinent issues.

I have made my opinions on this clear in several different comments, and at one point I may dig out those comments and add them to this post. I am not convinced by the arguments that germ theory is ass-backwards, though I still haven’t ruled out that it’s possible. I have also said that this debate is distracting us from focusing on fighting the Pharma Fascism that is quickly descending across the globe. In that way it is similar to the endless internecine debates within the 9/11 truth movement between the planned demolition, directed energy weapon and mini-nuke camps. To me it’s a distraction to keep us fighting among ourselves. And it works so well because, as a rule, we are people who really desire to know the truth about something, even when it is forever beyond our reach.