Chronic disease is a real problem, as anybody who has one knows all too well. Estimates suggest that 60% of all adults in the U.S. have at least one chronic condition, which account for more than 2/3 of all causes of deaths. A third of all people worldwide suffer from multiple chronic illnesses. [Setting aside the question of whether any of these mainstream numbers can be trusted.] Of course, this is enormously profitable. Treatment of chronic conditions in the U.S. alone costs around $2.5 trillion. And since we have finally recognized that virtually every aspect of modern life is a money-making racket, a cradle-to-grave shakedown, we can hardly expect this to be any different. (A racket, recall, is when you deliberately cause a problem in order to profit from solving it.)

One of the things I have learned about the most from comments on this blog is about health-related issues — whether it be about nutrition, which vitamins and supplements to take (and which not), vaccines, pollution and even animal care. So I’m opening up this post as a place for people to discuss health matters, because – if you’ve ever been ill for an extended period you know — health matters. Without our health, it’s much harder to get anything done. Illness, especially chronic, is deeply disempowering, and that is part of the health racket, too: they want us worried and spending our time dealing with illness. So it seems to me that as people who want to fight the powers that be, at least within our own spheres of influence, the first order of business ought to be taking back the power and strength of our own bodies. So think of this as a thread where you can share the knowledge you’ve learned and also ask for and give advice. Of course it doesn’t have to be confined to humans or to chronic illness or even to illness — any health and wellness advice is welcome in the broadest sense of the word.

I’m going to kick things off first by linking to two papers written by Miles Mathis. The first concerns his experience taking so many health supplements that he was getting iodine poisoning. The second is a paper he wrote in 2012 called “The Health Emergency” on taking control of your food and water to avoid toxins and GMOs.

Here are some of the comments that people have left about these issues. I’m sure I’ve left some out. Please don’t be offended if I left your comment out. I only pasted what I remembered and could find in an easy search within a reasonable amount of time. Please feel free to repost any comments you or others left on other posts here or on other sites. Also not that I do not and cannot vouch for any of this information — it could all be wrong, though I wouldn’t post it if I thought it was likely to be wrong. As always, think for yourself.

From Genevieve A.K.A. “cancelled”:

“The soil was depleted as far back as the 1940’s. Most if not all people, as a result, are malnourished. Dr Royal Lee fought this lost battle for decades; the industrial food cartel destroyed his life because of that battle. But he left an important legacy of nutritional research describing the nutritional destructiveness of the food we all consume, thanks to “the families” who were described in one comment as “nurturers”.

“Even the “vitamins” we’re sold are crap; they’re isolates which are ineffective. Royal Lee tells/told it like it is. And he predicted, being a scientific researcher, the endemic modern diseases — autoimmune, cancer, diabetes, obesity, et al. Hello? Is nobody aware of the dire state of humankind’s health?

“People will say, well we had to have intensive farming; we had to have industrialized food. But that’s not true! Back in the day, people had vegetable gardens in their yards, and some chickens, and fruit trees, and a cow. They created their own food — butter, unpasteurized/healthy milk, eggs, veggies, fruits — as a matter of course. They made their own soap…. They were not dependent on grocery stores like we are now.

“That’s been a change for the worse in many ways — to health, to freedom and independence, economically, and environmentally.

“It’s the greedy industrialists who have wreaked havoc on the social, environmental, employment, economic, and educational aspects of mankind’s world…. It could have all been so different! Love and nurturing of humanity was an option not chosen. Humanity could have been cultivated, to bring out their best qualities — if megalomaniacs insist in control — instead of crushed under a jackboot for the sake of jealously guarded hegemony fueled by greed and materialism and nepotism.

“I hate them! These people are cowards. I cringe when the benign appellation “the families” is applied to them. They have stolen people’s lives. They have, as the overseers of our earth, raped, and pillaged, and polluted it. They are nothing more than criminals.”

And in another comment:

“…the fact is, the .0001% are making the other 99.9999% physically, emotionally, and spiritually ill — basically their methods are killing people, and they know this!

“To realize this, all you have to do is look into the scientific research of the early to mid 20th century on nutrition by McCarrison, Lee, Price, Park, Wiley — a prolific period of research before the industrialized food cartel took total control of research and publishing, and bought the FDA. It has been nearly a century ago that they found the worrisome proliferation of degenerative diseases brought about by soil erosion, intensive farming and processed food by these families — much of it from sugar — was causing malnutrition, and even how that process worked. These families own the medical profession and the dental profession and the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies and the food supply and the farmland and the minerals and the “government” and the courts.”

And elsewhere:

“I trust early to mid 20th century nutritional research articles and books. Royal Lee and his peers are excellent; the historical archives of the Selene River Press is a treasure trove with lots of breadcrumbs, covering both all aspects of nutrition and also food politics. The History of a Crime against the Pure Food Law illustrates how we ended up with chemically processed food and an industry-owned FDA. There was a war.

“Weston A Price’s 1938 book (free online) “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” investigated the health and dental conditions of remote “savage” tribes untouched by civilized foods, and described their natural eating habits and excellent physical condition, and absence of social problems and crime — until processed foods invaded.

“The nutritional researchers back then were earnest, uncorrupted, and concerned about the dramatic rise in degenerative diseases, cancer, dental problems, arthritis, etc.which they unanimously attributed to malnutrition, due to depleted soil, food processing, and pasteurization; a great deal of their research focuses on what constitutes proper nutrition — hence Price’s expeditions into uncivilized cultures across the globe.

“Vitamins were a recent discovery and an area of avid research. Too, processed food was relatively new, unlike now; people were alive who had been raised on real food, knew the difference, and fought (but lost) against the proliferation of additives, adulteration, preservatives, and refinement of our food supply.”

And elsewhere:

“The depression epidemic is connected to the food INDUSTRY. The dead, processed food is connected to the medical INDUSTRY. Malnutrition causes symptoms that are suppressed with pharmaceutical drugs, a euphemism for CHEMICALS that are also in our water. Malnutrition also causes dental caries and gum diseases — unheard of in primitive cultures until they were exposed to processed foods by “civilization.”

“Malnutrition fuels the medical, dental, and pharmaceutical industries. But you never hear a word about the rampant malnutrition epidemic. Real, nutritional food would put paid to the chemical, agribusiness, medical and dental industries. It would also necessarily end centralized control because the only way to provide real, live, nutritious food is for it to be sourced locally — storage and transportation requires processing. And that would mean different foods for different localities, depending on climate, weather, soil, sunlight, etc. So then you put a huge dent in intensive agriculture and the transportation industry.

“The petroleum INDUSTRY, connected to the food industry via packaging, is a major contributor to the cancer industry, as estrogens cause many cancers, especially breast cancer; and as plastics are major endocrine disruptors, the cause of so many degenerative diseases too numerous to list. Primary among them is sterility and gender bending, being covered up by normalizing it. Not to mention the endocrine-disrupting bromine that is put in all flour and bakery products. So any iodine you may have is displaced by the halogens bromine, and fluoride.

“One could go on forever listing the causes of malnutrition, caused by centralized control of food resources: rancid oils, chemical preservatives, chemical fertilizers, food irradiation, ad nauseum. All of which puts the human and animal bodies under tremendous toxic stress because these wastes have to be dealt with. But in malnutrition, the cells grab what’s available, and if only inappropriate stuff is available (as in bromine, and not iodine), health gets compromised.

“Why am I writing this? Because we are being slowly starved to death by the practices of industrialists with the collusion of governments. We are being broken down slowly, almost imperceptibly — mentally and physically. The nature of our food supply is possibly the most important issue relevant to our welfare. And nobody seems to notice.”


Here is a comment from Runar on electrical and photon therapies and nutrition:

“Not before I almost was about to die in 2011 did i care to look up health. I used one of the most primitive to heal myself. It was part of the Bob Beck protocol and it created a single current to electrify the blood. And it works, it kills off invaders. Also Bob Beck created a color pulser for the healing of wounds and skin ailments: 

“Healing by electricity is now a century old tradition, the first machines gaining reputation was Royal Rife’s. Versions of his machines are still used, in US mostly. Reading about him and the war against him by FDA and Morris Fishbein is also entertaining.

“Hulda Clark is also study worth, she created her own zapper as she called it, and she also provided a technical drawing so that you can build one for yourself. A Lighthouse in herself, forced to migrate to Mexico to run her clinic. Her books are still a fabulous read thanks to her spirit and enchanted pragmatic attitude.

“The logic behind healing by electricity is that every living thing has got its own frequency and this current can be reverted. Most small things dies fast, others are just weakened, but with perseverance i even got rid of Lyme’s disease, it took 6 years and i used Bob Beck stuff at home daily for 2-3 years but also went to a therapeut using E-Lybra machine developed by WDS. Plus she also had MoRa machine, an development by German Morell and Rasche, who measured the body’s own meridian energies, and in this way created electrical acupuncture. It has also been very helpful in revealing my many food intolerances. I had been living on poison. I think i had 4-6 treatments the first years, and then twice yearly.

“As I stopped with carbohydrates and all grass products my lifelong depression went away to never come back. I found out:

Sugar and Carbohydrates => Depression and mania
Starches (Potato and things growing under soil) => Anxiety
Corn, flour => Guilt, shame & shyness.

“This little post contains things which I studied daily for a couple of years, my few links will not reveal much of that, but beware this is the area where wikipedia is at its least respectable. Incl google. Also when researching this field you notice a very much higher number of spooks trying to mislead, than any other place.

“Also very informative is If you have the Latin name of your problem there is probably someone who has been fighting it before. But unfortunately very spook infested.”

Some recent advice on Vitamins, raw milk, and other supplements:

From Benjamin:

Spirulina and Chlorella have many similarities, but Spirulina is the lesser alternative as it only has faux B12 the body can’t utilise, whereas Chlorella has real B12 (rare in plants). There are two varieties of Chlorella – Vulgaris or Sorokinia (aka Pyrenoidosa). The latter is more beneficial (has much higher growth factor). You need to ensure it has been grown outdoors in sunlight (not “fermented” indoors in tanks). The wall also needs to be cracked for our bodies to utilise, but its a fine balance, as the act of cracking the wall can cause too much damage, losing much of the goodness. Either “sound vibration” or “pressure release” seem to be the most reliable methods. Of the Chlorella grown outdoors, studies show Taiwan is the cleanest source. Places like China have organically certified Chlorella, but it is still not as clean as that from Taiwan. Japan is in between. All of the above should be on the products website, if not the label. Failing that, contact the company for information.

Most Vit C supplements are just ascorbic acid, which is not really vitamin C, but an isolated component, often from synthetic source (GMO, inorganic, etc). On its own that component has low absorption in our bodies. Combined with co-factors (like bioflavonoids) it has improved absorption, but often those are synthetic too. So what to do? Best to get it from food. If the food available to you does not use reliable farming methods (common), it may suffer from a deficiency of vitamins and minerals. In which case, find a C supplement that is real C (not ascorbic acid), from whole food sources. You will know it when you find it, as it the food sources it comes from will be listed on the label. These type of supplements are rare to find, but do exist. They probably won’t be on the shelves of your average pharmacy.

It’s best for the C to be combined with co-factors (bioflavonoids, minerals) to help it work, but don’t just take a ‘combined with everything’ is best approach. Vitamins A,D,E,K are fat soluble, while B & C are water soluble. Therefore ADEK shouldn’t be in the same capsule as BC. They require different extraction techniques, requirements for stability, shelf life, etc… If you see all of it listed together, be sure it won’t all work.

Miles was taking the right approach, combining C with multi-minerals, though he didn’t mention whether they were from whole food sources or synthetics.

Then there is the list of ingredients that make up the tablets/capsules themselves. This branches into a huge topic, but to keep it short, a majority of this stuff is undesirable, and won’t always be listed on the label. Even if it is listed on the label, you won’t know what it means unless you’ve researched it, which most haven’t. The best simple solution is to avoid tablets (can’t trust their binding agents) where possible, and tip capsule content into water, so you don’t have to consume the capsule itself (sorry if you don’t like the taste!). Obviously if a tablet is saving your life keep taking it, but if you are presented with a choice, you are now a little more informed. Companies with integrity will use acceptable ingredients in their tablets/capsules, but how can you be certain which companies have that integrity, when most don’t?

Finally, to label a product ‘organic’, all it requires is one carbon atom. Carbon atoms are found in just about everything, including plastic and petrol, so you can see it is a completely useless term! ‘Certified organic’ is far more telling, as farms need to adhere to strict standards in order to receive the certification. However keep in mind this certification typically means 95% or more certified organic ingredients, meaning still a 5% chance it contains pesticides, chemical fertilisers etc…

From Genevieve/Cancelled:

The problem with taking Ascorbic Acid as “Vitamin C” is discussed here:

Hold that thought, then consider this:

It is claimed by Dr Simon Agger that legally, in America, the only portion of the Vitamin C Complex that is allowed to be called Vitamin C is the (5%) ascorbic acid antioxidant wrapper around the C molecule. (I haven’t verified this.) So, people who think they are buying Vitamin C may not be getting Vitamin C; and the ascorbic acid they mistake for vitamin C may be inadvisable or worse, depending on their condition, as the above reference discusses.

What I do know is that, when I conducted an exhaustive online search for whole food Vit C to buy, I couldn’t find any — although such supplements do exist, I later found, via a non allopathic health care provider. But whole food Vitamin C Complex supplements are not available over the counter in health food stores.

There is a world of difference between Ascorbic Acid and naturally occurring Vitamin C as found in Nature.

I’ve really been shocked by my experience with raw dairy products– I had shunned milk all my adult life as “cow pus in a bottle.” But I became curious after running into a number of early 20th C articles on the Selene River Press by those pioneering nutritionists who were upset about pasteurization, and connecting its introduction with the proliferation of many degenerative diseases like arthritis and tooth decay, because it killed the nutrition and friendly bacteria in the milk; and I believe it compromised the utilization of calcium.

So whereas it had been known as a highly nutritious whole food — one scientific experiment involved living on it exclusively for two months, with no deleterious effects except a Vitamin C deficiency; pasteurization changed all that.

The first jug I bought sat in my fridge for days, so fearful was I to ingest it, as though it were a bottle of arsenic, or a rattlesnake. But then I dove in, via a protein shake, instead of water. I kid you not, I had a surge of energy hit my body. Now I rely on it, as a primary food — yoghurt, kefir, butter, milk, cream for my coffee.

And from L Kinder:

I’ve studied a lot of alternative health literature especially since 1996 and the best I’ve found is herbalist James Sloane. He had a site which is still up called and he had a forum on called Truth in Medicine.

James Sloane said here and other places on his forum that amla berry powder has the best vitamin C. But it tastes terrible, so I put it in 00 capsules. My brother has a device that makes it easier to put the powder in the capsules. Sloane said acerola cherry is second best and rosehip powder is third best. The rosehip powder actually tastes pretty good. I think acerola is pretty expensive. A good source of these and other herbs is which has them in sizes of 1 lb bags or larger and sometimes quarter lb bags too. Another source for many supplements, not just herbs, is

Miles mentioned taking multivitamins and minerals. I doubt if those are worthwhile, especially with the iodine contents. Vitamin C is best from Amla berry powder or rosehip powder etc. Sloane says it competes with glucose for insulin uptake, as insulin carries both. So it’s best to take C separate from food about half an hour before meals. Otherwise, there’s not enough insulin to grab all of the C. He says C goes first to the adrenal glands to deal with stress and excess then goes to blood vessel repair etc. But he says over 1500 mg a day tends to harm the kidneys I think. B5 as from rice bran is also needed by the adrenal glands. He says magnesium-malate and -citrate are the most usable forms of magnesium, most others being fairly toxic. Mag-Mal and Mag-Cit are good for softening plaque in blood vessels and for preventing muscle cramps, high blood pressure etc. Lecithin granules are good for removing plaque from blood vessels and for brain problems etc. So those supplements can pretty much prevent heart attacks and strokes. Magnesium and zinc are the only minerals most of us need, I think. A lot of herbs are good for numerous major diseases. Chaparral and pau D’arco are likely very good for killing viruses that cause cancer. Silica is another important mineral, but the best way to get it is by putting a tablespoon of D.E. (diatomaceous earth) in a jar of water, letting it set for some hours or a day and taking a glass of water from the top now and then. It forms orthosilicic acid in water, the most usable form of silica. The D.E. lasts a few months in the bottom of the jar.

Something on tooth decay from Alex Illi:

Most common tooth problems (such as cavities, caries) IMO and in my experience stem from brushing teeth with commercial toothpaste (salt would be enough), especially before meals, e.g. commonly before breakfast, or too soon after meals. The brushing and soap-like paste eradicate the protective layer produced naturally around the teeth. After meals, especially those containing sugar and starchy carbohydrates, simply rinsing with water would be better. Because remaining carbohydrates are broken down by normal digestive enzymes and symbiotic bacteria in the mouth under production of acids, which can easily corrode the enamel if the protective film is not around the teeth. Some small plaque is also normal and no matter of concern, especially behind the lower front row. Since about ten years practically all US-Americans seem to be concerned having abnormally whitened teeth, and I predict they’ll get lots of additional dental probs later on. Cavities seem to always quickly go away after some sporadic “oil-pulling” (you can use any type of edible vegetable oil), especially if assisted by one drop of neem-tincture (very bitter, please spit out after about 1 minute, then rinse with water).

And here were two videos of Dr. Peter Glidden that were shared that I found very informative: