One of the key calling cards of hoaxed events, stage-managed history and other fakery is the existence of fake photos – or as I like to call them,”fauxtos.” I have found them with every fake historical event I’ve personally researched (Gandhi, the Dreyfus affair, Smedley Butler), even when I wasn’t expecting to find any (Yitzhak Rabin). At this point, I start my research on new topics by looking for fauxtos, because when I’m studying a new topic and find a bunch of fauxtos, I can be sure I’ve stumbled onto another psyop. Of course it isn’t hard, since so much of our history has been manufactured. The only thing that surprises me anymore about fauxtos is the fact that I was completely blind to them until I learned how to spot them thanks to the work of Miles Mathis. With event after event, he has picked apart the historical record preserved in photographs and shown how they are as fake as the events themselves, along the way teaching others what to look for.

At the same time, he has also shown that there are certain wealthy Jewish and crypto-Jewish families that are centrally involved in constructing this matrix of fake events, manufactured history, and false leaders. They are not the only ones, but they seem to be very much at the center of things. He has referred to them as ‘The Families.’

Since finding and dissecting fauxtos is for me one of the most exhilarating aspects of unwinding fake history, I thought it would be fun to have a post where readers can add to the growing collection of fake pictures, basically filling out The Families’ fauxto album. So please feel free to contribute fauxtos and dissection thereof in the comments section. I’ll get the ball rolling with some fauxtos I’ve come across.

The first are of Fidel Castro in his early years. In his paper on Castro, Miles has shown that Fidel Castro is controlled opposition and that the Cuban revolution was managed and the Bay of Pigs invasion faked. So it should come as no surprise to find his phony-baloney biography chalk full of fauxtos. 

The second are of some famous physicists. One of the things that becomes strikingly clear after reading Miles’ work on “The Greatest Standing Errors in Physics and Mathematics” is that many of the errors are very basic. In other words, they should be obvious and would be if not for the massive propaganda campaign to cover those errors over in a suffocating fog of misdirection and a well-orchestrated chorus shouting down any real dissent or criticism. Just like the blinders that keep us from seeing so many obviously faked photographs, 20th century science as perfected blinders to keep us from seeing the obvious contradictions and mistakes underlying what passes today as physics. One is drawn to the conclusion that somewhere down the line “fake” physics became separated from “real” physics, which was taken underground in what Miles has referred to as Operation Ostrich. So it should come as no surprise, then, if we were to find fauxtos of some of 20th century physic’s leading lights. 


So, without further ado, here are the fauxtos of Castro. The first two during his time as a fake revolutionary leading a fake revolution; the second two are him in a phony relationship with his first wife. I don’t have the time or energy right now to dissect each fauxto individually, though I may add it in later. Suffice it to say they all have wonky/inconsistent shading/shadows and, um, other subtle and not-so-subtle signs of cut-and-pasting, like this one:






And here are the physicist fauxtos. Keep in mind these are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s start with Bohr, Oppenheimer, Feynman and Fermi supposedly when they were working together on the Manhattan Project. Well it was a project alright, just not the kind we’ve been led to believe:


That picture of Feynman seems like it comes from this one below, which itself is probably not genuine:

Scanned at the American Institute of Physics, Emilio Segre Visual Archives.

It is supposed to be of Feynman and Oppenheimer (second from right) at a Lost Alamos social function during the Manhattan Project. If you go online, you’ll find a surprising number of pictures of Manhattan Project scientists gathered together working on the project. What’s surprising is that the super-secret Manhattan project would have a photographer on staff to document all the super-secret stuff they were doing.

Here’s another one with Einstein, Hideki Yukawa, John Wheeler, and Homi Bhabba having a pretend walk in the woods at the very spook-y Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in 1954:


And another of Bohr, Heisenberg and Pauli allegedly at the Niels Bohr institute in 1934 or 1936:


With Einstein we’ve got these ones with his supposed family:



There are similar shenanigans going on with Niels Bohr. Bohr was financed by the Rockefeller Foundation. His mother was Ellen Adler Bohr from a wealthy Jewish banking and political family. In 1912 Niels married Margrethe Nørlund, the sister of the mathematician Niels Erik Nørlund, although we have little indication the young couple had ever actually met:


 And finally, Richard Feynman’s life is a gold mine of fake pictures. Richard’s middle name was Phillips, taken from his mother’s maiden name (she was a Phillips). But her parent’s genealogies are “not known.” Nor are his dad’s roots beyond a generation or two. In some places his dad is given as a businessman, and in others he is a sales manager, and in others he is a “military uniform salesman,” which in spookese probably means he supplied the entire U.S. military with uniforms.

Here is are some fauxtos of Richard with his alleged sister, Joan. I suspect his sister is not really his sister but another scientific misdirector. They gave them a common background for convenience, I suppose. What is she misdirecting about? Well this entry from her Wiki page gives some indication:

“As part of her research, Feynman made a critical discovery about the nature and cause of auroras. Using data collected by a NASA spacecraft known as Explorer 33, she demonstrated that the occurrence of auroras is a product of the interaction between the Earth’s magnetosphere and the magnetic field of the solar wind.” (See here for a better explanation of the auroras.)

Feynman-sister-1  Feynman-sister-2

They’re laughing because of the joke. I know that Feynman is considered an intellectual giant, but I didn’t know he was supposed to be an actual giant. Well, actually, he isn’t:

Feynman-studentsRichard Feynman

That first picture is fake. Take a look at his forehead. The bottom is him dancing at the Nobel Prize ceremony in 1965 with his 3rd wife. Well she may have been his first or second, since there is no indication he ever had a first wife, although her alleged death plays a heart-tugging role in his biography:


Well that’s it for now. Maybe another time I’ll go through and add papers to Miles’ work where he has shown and corrected the mistakes that Einstein, Bohr and Feynman made. Anyway, go ahead and paste your own pics from The Families’ fauxto album in comment.

UPDATE JUNE 15: In comments, Minako posted a picture of Marie Curie without an arm and a leg on a stroll with some goons from Standard Chemical (an offshoot of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil). I went to look at other pictures of hers, and they all seemed faked to me. Like this montage à trois with her husband Pierre and Henri Becquerel from the Nobel prize website:


Looking through her pictures, I was reminded of the Solvay Conferences in Physics, which were funded by a wealthy Belgian industrialist and allegedly brought together some of physics’ leading lights to discuss outstanding problems in physics, such as the place of classical mechanics (they decided to toss it into the trash heap) versus quantum mechanics. For example we have this from Wikipedia about the fifth conference:

“This conference was also the culmination of the struggle between Einstein and the scientific realists, who wanted strict rules of scientific method as laid out by Charles Peirce and Karl Popper, versus Bohr and the instrumentalists, who wanted looser rules based on outcomes. Starting at this point, the instrumentalists won, instrumentalism having been seen as the norm ever since.”

If you have followed Miles’ work in physics, his criticism of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics and the use of math to replace mechanical understanding with heuristic models , then you can see why these Solvay Conferences were so pivotal. Except for one thing: they never happened. At least, the crucial early ones didn’t. Or if they did, the photographic record we have of them is fake.  Like this one from the first conference in 1911:


That is a terrible fake, from the fact that the tones and shadows all over the place, to the fact that almost everybody is looking in a different direction, to the oddly sized heads. All you have to do to see the thing is a chop job is look at the guy standing up in the back on the far left. That’s Robert E. Goldschmidt, who in this picture has body proportions remarkable similar to the Muppet’s Beaker:


Actually, Beaker’s proportions seem realistic by comparison. Goldschmidt’s proportions are more like 3-time loser Mason Wells, the Mormon missionary who we are told was injured in the Brussels “bombings” in 2016 and present at the Boston and Paris “terrorist attacks.” Here is the picture of him recovering that was widely circulated on mainstream news outlets:

Mason Wells Photoshop Garbage

 Look how tiny his head is in relation to his neck and shoulders? Here he is posing for a picture prior to the attack:

mason wells normal 2

We are told that Goldschmidt was some kind of inventor, but I suspect he was probably just a wealthy guy who took the credit (and profit) for other people’s inventions.

Here is another paste-up from the aforementioned 5th Solvay Conference in 1927:


At least in that one they’ve got nearly everyone looking in the right direction. I’ve been staring at that one for a long time, still not fully convinced that it’s some kind of paste-up. And yet the shadows and shades just look so inconsistent. Compare Marie Curie (front, third from left) to Max Planck sitting next to her (to our left). His right side is very much in shadow (as are many but not all others); hers is not. Compare that to the 7th Solvay Conference in 1933. Despite the date, this picture looks genuine. Notice how uniform are the shadows and shades of black and gray. Also notice how everyone (except for one guy in the back and one woman in the front) is clearly looking straight at the camera:


In the comments below Maria wondered if these actors were doing any real physics or just providing their identity to a propaganda project. I response I wrote: “were they trying to figure out how to replace real physics with a fake physics that was able to pass as the real thing? There are pictures from a couple of major physics conferences of the brightest minds in the early 20th century. It seems like the meetings really happened. But I can’t help wondering if they were meeting to figure out how to misdirect and turn physics into a simulacrum of physics that could fool so many smart people and keep them busy chasing phantoms.” Well, when I made that comment, it was the Solvay conferences I had in mind. It seems they may not even have been meeting after all. At least not early on. Or at least not there.