Hey everybody, it’s that time of the year again to vote for your favorites. Here are the categories this year:

  1. Favorite new paper by Miles (any subject) from 2021.
  2. Favorite guest paper from 2021.
  3. “Favorite” COVID-related absurdity/fakery of 2021.*

So just leave your votes in comments below (be sure to clarify categories 1, 2 and 3) or you can use the “Contact” link above to e-mail to me your votes and/or quotes. Feel free to comment on why it was your favorite. Votes cast after Friday night December 31 at 11:59pm EST will not be counted! (Also votes for papers published in previous years but updated in 2021 will not be counted.)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

(Note if this is your first time commenting here, your comment will automatically go to moderation. It might go to moderation even if it isn’t your first time. Yes you need to leave an email to comment but it doesn’t need to be a real email address.)

*Here is a website to job your memory: http://viralabsurdities.com but of course there are many, many more…


The results have been tallied for this year’s best of:

Papers by Miles:

1st place: Bad Conspiracy Theorists
2nd place: The Holy Grail
3rd place (3-way tie): An Art Lesson, Natalie Wood, Rome
Honorable mentions: Amelia Earhart and Martin Luther

Best Guest Paper:

1st place: The Global Business Network: 20
2nd place: Guy Fawkes: 11
3rd place: 1666: the Year the Bankers Burned London: 8
Honorable mention: Vaccine Deaths and Injuries

There was no consensus on people’s favorite absurdities from the year, but you can scan the comments to see what people thought. Here’s to another year of discovery and fellowship!!