I decided to wait until the year drew to a close before running the best of 2019 poll. And after scanning through all the papers all I can say is–what a year it has been! We’ve got a lot of categories this year–two of which were suggested after last year’s poll so I’m putting them in this year.

  1. Favorite new history/genealogy/social criticism paper by Miles from 2019.
  2. Favorite new physics paper by Miles from 2019.
  3. Favorite new guest paper from 2019.
  4. Favorite art/counter-criticism paper by Miles of all time.*
  5. Silliest/most absurd hoaxed event of 2019.**
  6. Worst crisis actor of 2019.
  7. Event or topic that you most want to see Miles or a guest writer tackle (history, genealogy, hoaxed event, even science).

Leave your vote in comments.*** Or you can use the “Contact” link above to e-mail them to me. You don’t have to vote for all categories but please number your votes corresponding to the categories above.  I’m going to leave voting open for a week. Votes cast after Tuesday night January 7 at 11:59pm EST will not be counted!

Happy New Year everybody!!

* By art/counter-criticism I mean his papers on artistic technique and also his criticism of modern art and modern art critics. Most of these papers are over ten years old, but not all of them. I would say if you haven’t read much of these, probably best to abstain from voting in this category.

** Does not have to be an event that Miles or his guest writers covered.

*** Votes for papers updated in 2019 that were published in previous years will not be counted.

Alright, the votes are in and have been tallied! I only got a couple of votes via e-mail, but they did not swing anything. I simply went through the comments and tallied the votes myself, so you are free to check my work. Here are the winners:

Favorite history/genealogy/social criticism paper of 2019. This was super, super close. It started out strongly in favor of one paper but then as the vote went on the winner caught momentum and finally edged out the second place finisher. It was quite gripping. But I guess you had to be there. The top two finishers were far and away the leaders of the pack, with 21 and 20 votes each.

  1. The Spirit and the Muse
  2. The Battle of France
  3. The Death of Mozart

Favorite science paper of 2019. Also neck-in-neck there for awhile:

  1. Solar Minimum Blues
  2. The Cause of Gravity, the Next Chapter
  3. Tie between ‘Dark Matter is Light’ and ‘Faraday and the Arago Effect.’

I voted for the Cause of Gravity Next Chapter. I may have given the Solar Minimum an unfair advantage because some people were not very specific when they mentioned a solar cycle paper, so I put those votes together under the Solar Minimum paper. I actually think the most important solar cycle paper this year was ‘The Latest on Solar Cycles.’ As for the gravity paper, I have definitely had difficulty getting my head around it, though I can recognize its importance. I would love to see Miles reconcile this new theory with his unified field equations where he assigned gravity to radius and charge to density. If they are both fundamentally aspects of charge, then how can you assign a charge effect solely to radius? Shouldn’t charge density both above and below, so to speak, matter?

Favorite guest paper of 2019. We were treated to a bumper crop this year, weren’t we? Here are the top 3:

  1. Iran’s Jewish Rulers
  2. Jewish Pirates
  3. The Dunblane Hoax
  4. Honorable mention: Christchurch Hoax

Favorite art/counter-criticism paper by Miles of all time. The winners in this category were not really the genre I had in mind. I have a sense that many of Miles’ current readers are less familiar with this part of his oeuvre. So I’m going to include some links to some of these lesser-known papers that received some votes.

  1. Money Laundering and the Art Market.
  2. Mr. Turner
  3. The Stolen Century
  4. Worth reading: An Artist’s Statement, Nietzsche contra Modern Art, The Art of the Last Man, Balls in a Basket, New Realism, The Many Failures of Modernism, Modernism is Fascism, Chance Abutmenting, A Nation of Scabs, and A Return to the Hockney-Falco Thesis.

Silliest/Most Absurd Hoaxed Event of 2019.

  1. The London Bridge Attack (Narwhal tusks and all).
  2. Tie between the Christchurch shooting/video and the Trump Impeachment.
  3. Global Warming/Climate Change.
  4. Honorable mentions: Epstein “suicide,” James Stern (Black Jewish neo-NAZI story), and the fake first image of a black hole.

Worst Crisis Actor of 2019 award goes to: Greta Thunberg by a landslide!

Topics You Want to See Tackled by Miles or a Guest Writer. This is a long list, but I’m going to post it here (in the order in which they appeared) in the hopes that Miles or one of his readers (including you!) will want to take a crack:

Music Industry Rock Genre
Chilean Miners Rescue
Indian reservation gambling
Michael Jordan
Further exploration of spirit and the muse
At what level in the hierarchy is the big picture known / How much are the families “read in”
Easter rising
Origins of humanity
Origins of universe
Before the Phoenicians
More on how solar cycles affect our health
Anything music industry related
Bayreuth and the Wagner Family
More on country music
The numerous anarchist attacks in France at the end of the 19th century (including the alleged assassination of President Sadi Carnot in 1894).
Jordan Maxwell
John Denver
Danny/Marlo Thomas
Plane hijackings from Cuba in the 60s
Dalai Lama
Tony Blair
Ariana Grande concert in Manchester
The Great Grand Jewish Revolt of Trajan’s reign
Jack the Ripper
The Beatles and Adorno
The ACE study by Kaiser Permanente
Connections between the Climate Change hoax, the Club of Rome, Agenda 21, Gaia Hypothesis, The University of Peace and Costa Rica. In a word: Maurice Strong.
The break up of the First Triumvirate of the Roman Republic – was Crassus’ death in his Parthian campaign faked?
Genghis Khan’s campaign against Khwarezmia was launched after his caravan was massacred by the governor of Otrar, claiming that the caravan was a conspiracy against the empire. Was this a false flag?
The Holocaust
 University of Texas clock tower shooting
The House of Saud
I’d really like to see some kind of genealogy / names index or family tree incorporating the PTB and the Families, to include the people outed in the papers.
a comprehensive hit on any of Richard Branson, the Attenborough’s, Jeremy Corbyn, George Michael
The wars in Korea and Vietnam. What were they really about and what really happened?
The alternative scene: Jordan Maxwell (real name Russel J. Pine), Project Camelot (Kerry Lynn Cassidy and formerly also Bill Ryan), Richard Hoagland, Miles Johnston and his Bases Project, Simon Parkes, Peter Paget, John Lear,  Bob Scott Lazar, Dolores Cannon, Ashyana Dean and David Wilcock.
Cat Stevens (not his real name), Jeff Lyn ELO (came up with Out of the Blue in one weekend apparently, minor spook year 1977), maybe Cassius Clay
Elucidate how this thing works so well for them and some counterexamples (used to be Hitler) that did not start their brilliant careers as sock puppets.
Science fraud for the most mafia of all industies. That probably takes us into biology, pharmacology and more so vaccines since that is the profit center for the most profitable exploitative endeavor ever.
An attempt to explain how healers channel energy with their hands. Are human hands capable of amplifying and/or focusing the the charge field? How does this actually work?
How could the charge field be channeled/blocked to reduce the effect of gravity pull. I want to fly!
The Farsight institute
Mental health – How to try to keep sane in an increasingly insane world
Fetus development and speculations on how the charge field might directly affect different genereations and how conception date might play a role
A take on Cicero from a genealogy and a Phonecian angle.
Guidelines on how to create a non-fudged Solar Chart
A continuation of the “Battery Circuit”/”A/C Current” series focusing on home wiring and electronics/ appliances; more exposing of philosophers set up to misdirect and those who may in fact be somewhat sincere; Bogart (He has always been a favorite but… I know the drill and have seen the substantial ties to the peerage through guest writers)
I’d especially like to see the two anti-popes, Roncalli and Montini, and especially the fake pope Karol Wojtyla
To out the group calling itself Opus Dei
Hellen Keller
Marie Curie
Our true history as humans.
Iran & claims of torpedoing of tankers from Norway & Japan
Karl Von Reichenbach, Antonio Meucci, Nathan Stubblefield, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Henry Moray is on my mind right now because of reading the book “Lost Science” by Gerry Vassilatos.
William (Bill) Cooper- his bio reads like a classic spook, and he was at the very least gullible on some points, but he always read as inherently honest to me. Been struggling with this one for a long time
A full examination and exposure of the 27 club
A paper on all these fake leaders in the conspiracy movement or what you call it.
Connection between gravity and  ‘Moment of Inertia’ bears exploration
Whether the molecular dissociation of the steel and concrete in the twin towers has anything to do with a disruption of the charge binding the atoms together
Q Anon
Maybe a sequel to The Spirit & the Muse paper; maybe by connecting it with one of your earlier papers: “Is Time Travel Possible?”. In this paper, faster beings (could be a function of charge, fluctuations in charge or some charge effect) could help us with suggestions about the future by interacting with us if we personally notice their interaction, but we can’t see them because they move so fast. Maybe this could be one, of many explanations, for the phenomenon of intuition.
 What exactly is the nature of the photon ‘particle’ is. Is it something physical? It has a mass, but would there be such a thing as the rest mass of a photon (something material) or is that photon mass only a consequence of its speeds (linear, spins)?