Miles Mathis has been called many names by the petty and pathetic pawns of the powers that be. I reckon if he had a nickel for every time some anonymous bozo on the internet called him a crackpot, he’d be a wealthy man. Yet in spite of the concerted and coordinated effort to drag his name through the mud, people have been catching on. His work is spreading. Truth rises above the din of a million lies, and people are listening.

But they can’t have that. So they mounted a new assault by clumsily trying to write an “exposé” of Miles Mathis focusing on his genealogy, which he dispatched with characteristic aplomb. When it quickly became clear that their ill-conceived and illogical genealogy effort had made the ranks of the year’s most epic fails, they apparently decided that seppuku was their only move, so they launched another attack, which I destroyed decisively in my Defense of Miles Mathis post.

After that, Miles decided to throw a virtual party, asking his readers to add a comment to that post. They arrived in droves from far and wide, adding a thousand posts in the first three days and two thousand by week’s end. The people chiming in come from all walks of life, from Ph.D.’s in physics and other fields, electrical and civil engineers, and even a demolitions expert, to students and housewives and self-employed jacks-of-all-trades. And although Miles did not tell people what to say, the vast majority of them decided to take it as an opportunity to describe how much they admire and appreciate his work in physics, conspiracy, history and art, and the impact he has had on them. I was surprised by how much my own feelings–which I had thought were personal and idiosyncratic–were echoed in the words of so many people I had never met.

So I decided to dig through the comments and make a separate post compiling them. I realize that I risk coming off as a sycophant. But I’m not doing this to suck up to Miles, nor am I doing this as a doting student in thrall of some guru. I’m doing this for one reason, and one reason only: to counter the massive campaign of lies and propaganda against him and his work.

If you do a web search on Miles Mathis, you mostly get a lot of noisy, nasty trolls saying bad things about him. When I was beginning my own journey in search of truth, stumbling through the fog of lies, I googled his name and came close to being sucked in by the lies and defamation. It was not so obvious to me then that they were paid liars. But I made a decision to listen to my inner voice telling me “No, all these people saying all these bad things about him and his work–they are wrong. I am right.” So I hope this post, as with the rest of this site, will serve as lighthouse to those who are making a similar journey and stumbling through the fog–whether it’s fake science or fake history or fake politics–to help them find their way.

Now, as much as “making up your own mind” is something I firmly believe in, I also know from experience that it’s easier said than done. I know that people typically look to the judgements of others before making important decisions. And I also know that there is very little out there on the web that is supportive of Miles Mathis. So when people google his name, I want this post to come up. I want people to read all the amazing things that others are saying about his work. If they have an inner voice telling them that Miles is really on to something, I want them to know that they are not alone.

I enlisted the help of one of Miles’ supporters, Cindy, to collect all the positive comments about him and his work. And although I’ve edited the comments slightly for brevity and clarity, I have been careful to not delete criticism of Miles and his work. I wanted to show that the people who support Miles are not obsequious followers but independent-minded people who think for themselves. (I also deleted most of the supportive commentary about me and my work, as well as criticism of the attacks on Miles.) By my count we are looking at comments from about 130 different people, plus a handful who simply showed up to say “peep” to express their support and probably a few we missed.  (If I missed your comment or you want me to add one to the least, please leave a comment below or e-mail me and I’ll add it.) Just these comments alone amount to some 25,000 words spread across nearly 50 single-spaced pages on my word processor.  I reprint them below the fold, more or less in the order in which they arrived:

Jim said:

Good morning from the great white north Miles. I recommend your work to all of my friends. To date, I’m sure over half have taken my advice to read your work. I have no idea what’s holding up the other two. I confess that much of your scientific work is well over my head, but lately I’ve been noticing myself comprehending much more than I had to begin with. You’ve opened a lot of eyes, and I’m certain you’ve driven many a fool to squeeze theirs more tightly shut. Cheers.

Vick the Chick said:

What I especially like about your “Updates” is that they contain such a rich assortment of “food for thought.” As someone who has been perhaps unwittingly “starved” by the mainstream for so long and even by a lot of what we have been told and sold as “great” literature, I believe the clever, engaging, entertaining, interesting, thoughtful and most of all TRUE nature of your opinion pieces is refreshing.  water in the desert! Best wishes from FAKE FREEDOM FRiSCO!

NeverSatisfiedWithTheStatusQuo said:

Hey Miles,

Just wanted to say that although your physics is above my comprehension, I did take the time to read through your explanation of calculus and in particular where the derivative comes from. I took both calculus and diff eq in college, did well (As and Bs) but honestly never understood a damn thing I was doing or learning. To your point it seemed like a weird abstraction that didn’t make sense.

Your explanation using simple tables made the light go off in my head. Good job.

Paul Bennett said:

Hi. I have been studying Miles for a few years now and my respect continues to grow over time. The only thing he is weak on is theology, and someday I may approach him on that issue. Everything else, I sit at the feet of the master.

That “hit piece” on Miles is nothing more than an attempt to mock his methods (mockery being the demonic version of humor). I don’t think anyone capable of thinking for himself would be swayed by such transparent propaganda, least of all someone who is capable of evaluating and understanding Miles’ bold claims.

When people become intellectually attracted to Miles’ teachings, they soon find themselves surrounded by a determined, organized and vocal smear campaign. Unfortunately for the dedicated swarm of attackers, the very people they target are just the kind of thinkers who are most immune to crude and childish tactics.

Ben Mclewee said:

I discovered Miles’ site about a year ago, and eagerly devoured EVERY article regarding the projects/hoaxed events and genealogy of the people involved. Despite sometimes I felt certain conclusions required a bit of a leap to be sure about, it seemed pretty convincing on the whole to me.

From then on I began researching my own people, primarily UK ‘entertainers’ whether it was someone I was suspicious of or people that came on TV or just plain ones that crossed my mind. All were people that Miles had never mentioned. The fact is I found that the same story comes up over and over. Anyone who is anyone has the same pattern and is clearly only in entertainment due to their family history and/or institutions attended and participated in. After not too long it became all very clear and beyond a joke just how consistent the patterns are.

Having read Miles’ response to the recent piece and then the piece itself, my one thought was this: It really doesn’t matter who Miles is or where he comes from as such, simply due to the fact that his ‘formula’ is undeniably consistent and helped me unlock how things work. So I told him this. His responses to my few emails over the last year have always also been consistent and are clearly from the same person (rather than committee).

Ultimately I have always said to the few people I have mentioned him to, I don’t know who this guy is or why he might have really decided to make his revelations (as it’s the internet), but he is clearly telling a great deal of truth and I feel he has given me the keys to unlock the ways of the real world. For that I am forever grateful.

I always look forward to new articles, but as I said now I have ‘the keys’ I can do my own research and if you would dismiss him now based on ‘revelations’ then you were only ever swallowing what he said without delving into your own areas of all this yourself anyway.

Good luck Mr. Miles Mathis and please know that many of your readers are not reactionary to WHATEVER comes out from WHEREVER and know you are giving something more valuable than anything else I have come across.

WildWind said in response to Ben:

I have discovered MM three years ago due to some comments on the “Reciprocal System Theory” forum. Your story is my story. If you had not written this, I would have written it almost identical. Glad I’m not alone. 🙂

Loretta said:

I often read at night beside by husband as he watches the news. He always says I’m as quiet as a church mouse when I am reading; however, whenever I burst out with uncontrollable laughter, he always says, “You must be reading Miles again.” Thanks for bringing much needed humor to very serious stuff. And thanks for helping me to see beyond the doom and gloom of the insidious plot by those in control of what we see, read, hear, and even eat. But most of all, thanks for telling me to start at home, with myself, by making a difference in the lives of those I love, my family, my friends, and then my community. One cannot begin to run until one has learned to walk. As a child, I think we forget how frightened we were to take that first clumsy step, but once we did we never looked back. A random link on the internet while researching a topic of interest to me led me to your website over a year ago. That was my baby step and I have never looked back.

I know you are real because I’ve met you in person, I’m the proud owner of 4 of your paintings (two of which I commissioned), and I’ve had the privilege of spending time with you, breaking bread with you, and introducing you to my young adult daughters whose portraits you painted (the portraits are a source of never ending joy and pride in their beauty and your artistic skill–thank you!).

I have to laugh at people who don’t believe you are a real person. I have the worst sense of direction, yet I was able to travel across the country and find you at the address listed on your website. Unless, you gathered up your scores of paintings, hundreds of books and articles, herded your cats, gathered your clothes, hats, and shoes, and hurried over to your cozy, little house just in time to greet us at the door with an adorable little kitten in your arms. And you weren’t even out of breath!

Nick W said:

I think my invitation was lost in the mail, but I finally made it here. In case there is no beer left I brought some coffee stout. Thank you Miles for the work you do. I especially enjoy your physics papers, as I am an electrical engineer who never fully bought the theory force fed to me in school. Your paper on wavelength and frequency being reversed is one of my favorites.

Maria said:

The only reason I read Miles Mathis’ work is because it is interesting and makes a lot of sense. I can’t be bothered with these different versions of skeptic’s blogs and have developed a filter that just filters them out. They all look the same and when they quote Carl Sagan I know for sure who is running it. Besides there is a system to the madness, and Miles helps you see the system so that you can go figure stuff out on your own. I hadn’t been able to make sense of large parts of history and Miles filled in the gaps. Of course I am suspicious; I practically don’t believe anyone anymore. It is an occupational hazard that one just has to live with. I have found it is a process, I stick with something for a while as it gives me interesting info, then as time passes on the inconsistencies and red flags start to become visible until I have to admit I was fooled and then I move on. With Miles’s site I come back, because I find it fascinating to read and I have not found a big enough red flag to repel me yet. The only thing I had arguments with so far was his review of the Black Swan, but I won’t take accord with someone for something so unimportant. Good luck to all the agents out there. My advice is just to give up on people who read people like Miles Mathis, they are out of your reach.

Mick Bruce said:

Thank you Miles Mathis for sharing your good works with us all – your writing is clear & unambiguous unlike almost everything else in this bread & circuses socially engineered western world. I discovered MM´s site thanks to a link in the comments section of “Moon of Alabama” last year with the first paper I read being the Kennedy one – a brilliant explanation of events & the Zapruder film that actually rings true unlike all the others out there. The John Lennon paper changed my life – his “assassination” was the most traumatic news item of my childhood for me and thanks to Miles I now know its was all lies. I am happier to now live in this world where John Lennon lives on and plays as Mark Staycer having faked his own death for Zionist social engineering goals as well as money for his music. Being English and a lifelong Beatles fan I also found the Paul McCartney paper genius.

I come from a blood-is-thicker-than-water family so have read just every paper on the non science page & find it easy to follow Miles’ reasoning but hard/impossible to refute any. I don’t have any Physics background to appreciate his science papers but I do see a lot of professional modern art through work so for me Miles’ singular personality also shows through his fine paintings ……………

Teacher said:

I saw a meme on the Internet that said, “If video games taught me anything it’s that if I encounter enemies I’m on the right path.” Seems like Miles Mathis is on the right track. Why else would he be encountering resistance to his work? Maybe all of his assertions are correct. Maybe not. Maybe he’s dangerous simply because he encourages independent thought. I think he’s an inspiration. His essays always get me thinking and reassessing what I know.

Colin Stayton said:

I just wanted to add to this growing thread of support for Miles. Most of us here are truth seekers, and it’s obvious if you spend any time reading Miles’ work or interacting with him (as I have, through email at least) that he is a genuine truth seeker. It’s sad that there are so many fakes out there posing as the real thing just to confuse and misdirect and divide us. These people hide behind anonymity and half-baked arguments. Sadly, I’ve fallen for many of them in the past. Now I know what to look for: 1) does this person seem real? (Do they have a real name? Do they give you any facts about their life that you can verify independently?), and 2) do they give well-researched, well-reasoned, and well-supported arguments for their theories?

Go ahead and look up Miles Mathis. See if he shows up on white pages or intellius. See if he really lives in Taos, if he’s related to real people, if he’s really a painter, etc. Read the details of his life in his own writings and see if they are plausible and internally consistent. What you’ll find is flesh and blood. You’ll find a genuine, surprisingly honest person who has lived a real life and lives according to his own principles. Whether you agree or disagree with his theories, there’s absolutely nothing to suggest he isn’t genuine.

It’s encouraging to me to see many other MM readers coming out to show their support. Fake people with fake sites full of mediocre research will never have this type of genuine support.

Jared Magneson said in response to Colin:

Indeed, and his writing style often reads like a conversation, a letter TO “us” instead of the big-headed, air-of-sacred scientific holiness papers à la the science journals and ArXiv and whatnot. I found it refreshing and still do.

It was also Mathis who inspired me to ditch all my normal, late-teen monikers such as “shadowdragon” and “dragonface” and whatnot. Made it okay again to just be my damn self, and anyone can Google me readily and see some of my work and (hopefully) know I’m legit. Or, they can hate my art and that’s fine too – I still made it and the work exists. Nothing like what Miles does but still an achievement to me. And to my clients.

So the guy’s given me more than just insight and revelations, but also some confidence to be my damn self, and own it. And the humor in his writings often makes me smile too. “You will say…”

Adam Vidal in Canada said:

Mr. Mathis is a light in the darkness. I check back daily for updates. What an amazing person.

Old School said:

I discovered Miles and his work in 2015. I’m deeply grateful, and thrilled to say so. I will literally never forget reading my first paper of his on the Kennedy “assassination.” My eyes were opened, and the world actually became a better place. I’ve read through all of his papers, many of them a handful of times. I’ve been in the trenches trying to understand the duplicity of the world for almost 45 years. I’ve been sucked into all the usual rabbit holes and dead-end nonsense along the way.

Miles has taught me a way to see and to think that has changed my life in some very real and tangible ways. I use what I learn to actually make a difference in the world. And that’s one big juicy reason why “they” don’t like him so much.

I’ve noticed that as I climb the mountain of awareness, there are less of us around. I can feel isolated and alone in my perspective of the world, which is just how they like it. It’s the old “divide and conquer,” and they do it well. But more and more of us are catching up. Their clock is ticking.

I’ve corresponded with Miles by email and he’s always been genial and kind. In my work in the world, I’m trained to look and listen for the subtleties, the intangibles, the invisibles and the obvious that’s so often missed. I’ve come to believe that Miles is who he says he is, and this is where I’m pitching my tent. For me, the evidence is overwhelming.

I find it ironic that the “Intelligence” community can operate with such blatant stupidity and idiocy in their efforts to discredit MM. Their hubris will eventually bring them down. How could it not.

A hearty shout-out to Josh, Vexman, and Jared Magneson for your efforts, and for your postings over at PoM before they peed in their pants and shut down. You all inspired me to come out of voyeur mode and show up. Perhaps Josh’s and Vexman’s blogs will be a place where the good guys can move forward in a good way.

John Irish said:

Miles Mathis. I’m no hard core truther, esply math science wise, but for me no one comes close to him in the genius talent departments. Shock and awe, as I’ve told him. If not miraculous, definitely a wonder. Have never doubted his reality. Very humbling, weird yet nice that he corresponds with the likes of me. Yet he’s also very human; it’s not that difficult to really piss him off. Is he wasting his time responding to his Langley critics? Perhaps. He’s mastered art physics math genealogies conspiracies. Does he “merely” continue with these or tackle another field? Either way, an extremely exciting enriching man that we’re all blessed to know.

ewan said:

I came to MM’s blog via a link to the Manson essay; the pleasant surprise was also finding the paintings as well as some info on techniques and recipes. Having drawn for many years I have now started with oils, which is difficult and thus exercises my mind, and I have to say that seeing his paintings was the kick-start to get down the shops and buy some oils etc. Thus the main thing I have got out of his work is something of a creative nature that requires thinking, planning and executing, and as such definitely not a ‘waste of time’. Perhaps MM might post a short piece on painting an oil from start to finish.

Diolch yn fawr

Tom said:

I have read through Miles papers for over 5 years and also exchanged emails with him in which he always answer in a polite way despite my sometimes simple subjects. My conclusion has been for a long time that Miles is a very gifted person with an unusual high IQ and even so, still keeps the feet on the ground and expresses his observation in a manner we can all understand.

He has shown the light on things and history which has given me and for sure thousands of others the ability to understand what’s going on in this world. He has outed famous people, shown us the connections between the peerage families and actually taught us how to go on in our own little world. As he always give us a lot of information about his sources it is easy to check it out.

May the next Nobel Price be given to Miles and annulled for the many plagiarist and fraudsters who have previous received this prize.

Meriwether Cétchathach said:

Miles Mathis pretty much forced me to actually get an education. Everyone who reads him must experience this. All of a sudden, it’s like… wait, I don’t even know canonical history or literature, what the hell did I just spend 12+ years in school learning? Someone introduced me to Miles a few years back through his work on tides or rainbows. Whichever it was, I was fascinated, so I read more. I’m studying for a BSc in horticulture right now, so when I got to his paper on the pressure flow model of bulk transport in the xylem, my mind was blown. Okay, then I found his work on classical mechanics, pi, and then over to the occult, including the Kabbalah and Hermeticism, and really, from there on out, it was clear to me that his stuff was the work of genius. You can say he inspired in me that “a-ha” moment, but it was more a fulfillment in his work, of course.

Any reader doing an analysis of Miles notes his impressive epistemological faculties which he explains through each of his papers. He literally teaches you how he learned what he did. Hmm, weird how you don’t find that in the authoritative 21st century independent outlets, who usually reference things tangentially and string together fodder through a mediocre composition that just sort of indulges your intelligence only a smidge.

Scientific literature is jargon-filled and easy to hide behind, studies can be run deceptively. Honestly, it is the case that contemporary stuff is at a third-grade level. I always had a fascination with 18th and 19th century work for this reason; it’s much smarter in many ways. Ancient stuff, even. I’m not suggesting there aren’t some great and biting sociological or philosophical texts that have come around in the past hundred years… but in terms of there being anyone more radical, how can you find someone sharper than Miles?

That said, I found some conjecture and conclusion that I took fault with in his work. Some of his papers I don’t really agree with! But his idiosyncratic writing style is something impressive in itself (style-wise), to imagine more than one person being able to adopt his writing behavior would be quite the feat. I’m not talking about his method of scholarship here, now that he’s taught that to the world, there’s no going back to the old way of doing things. Anyone can incorporate Miles’ style of scholarship, which is really just back to the normal way of doing things which somehow got muddled over at least the last century. But it really is ludicrous to imagine multiple people ever being able to adopt his persona. Even if it was fake from the get-go, show me another character as well-developed in any media! Hahaha, really now!

The people he exposes in the alternative media are presumably the heroes that some folks react to Miles for having taken away. I don’t think many are crying over John of Gaunt, but perhaps David Icke or the alien crowd are really too close for some people to lose. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get much more lucid than the work of Miles Mathis. To compare the fairy tale David Icke puts out with the prose of Mathis is like… not possible. Lyndon LaRouche got me, I’ll admit. I thought, wow gee this guy is right about a lot! I’m only 23, but like Miles points out, his wikipedia page reads like gleaming praise, his work is also easily available. I also read Robert Anton Wilson as a teenager, and some of the other 20th century fiction phonies, so I guess I have some experience with the stuff put out by Intelligence. I also grew up with a television and know American culture. Miles Mathis is sort of in another world, no?

I can’t even read any of the phony stuff without revolting now. I can even tell fairly quickly if a piece is fodder whereas before, I might have just assumed the author was stupid. Okay, being so conspiratorial isn’t like, a feat to be proud of, but his worldview reconciles a lot for me. This isn’t like ancient aliens reconciling cave drawings in Mesopotamia and the Nephilim reference in Genesis. Miles reconciles why the world is so ugly and politics so theatrical, he unironically pulled the wool from over my eyes, and if Intelligence is trying to now admit a lot of fakes, well… they should probably try throwing in real events, too; because Miles rarely has, if ever, tried to disprove a very real phenomenon (except trannies, but I had a word with him: get out of Taos more).

Too long? seriously though, his opposition isn’t even serious. Do you think in a hundred years people will even know who these people are if not for Miles? Even Alex Seitz-Wald, Miles immortalized that journalist just by slinging a stone his way! Man, I almost want to get on his bad side just to enter the annals of immortality.

Russell Tropinsky said:

A letter I sent to Miles concerning his most recent essay:

“Concerning the closing thoughts of your most recent exploration of modern poetry, I am quite happy to say that I am one of those who think that not only have you said too little, but that I’d be quite happy to read anything that you write. You could write on just about any subject and I would be grateful for it. On multiple occasions I have come quite close to requesting unpublished essays of yours just so that I could satiate that unending yearning for truth that you have roused in my soul. The worst part about it, Miles, is that once I read your papers, that old “truther” material just doesn’t do it for me. If I had to describe it, it would be like an addict comparing snorting drugs to shooting them directly into his veins. The high that comes from reading your polemics just overpowers any and all I had encountered before it, and quite frankly the old stuff just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

So, what I am trying to say is fuck the agents that fill your inbox with hatred and envy and everything else they put you through. I’m sorry you’re forced to deal with it, but in your case I think it has only sharpened your wit — I only wish you had more worthy opposition on which to use it. My favorite quote that I have learned from your website is: “I could cut my own throat better.”

po said:

Hi there even though I think I spotted two or three mistakes in Miles’s opus (in the historic part, the science is out of my reach) I think he’s still one of the best researcher out there.

Greetings from Italy!

Ulf said:

Hi there, I’m a reader from Germany. Greetings… These things are spreading, thank you guys for your work.

Richard Ambrose said:

I have been reading Miles’s papers for about as long as they have been available and have never come across a more coherent and original thinker. I am appalled at the vituperative and unsubstantiated comments levelled against him. The whole episode has an air of resentful bitterness and jealousy. It is heartening to know that there are decent and lucid people like Josh and Jared who have rallied to defend him. I will continue to read and recommend his papers, he has only increased in my expectation. On a different note, I have just come from Miles’s site and would like to accept his party invitation. I have a beer and raise my glass to you Miles and our host, Josh. Thank you

mswinkle said:

Prior to stumbling upon Miles,I thought I was pretty woke on a lot of things. But where they got me, they have so many ways to ensnare us, was the so called spiritual stuff. I am not going to bore you guys with the details, but throughout my search one question that kept coming back – if this guru, group, method, etc etc is the ‘path’ blah blah, why do they, them, the place they come from etc etc seem so messed up? The final straw, for me, was when I tried ayaushcha. Instead of being the gateway to enlightenment it seemed like the gateway to nowhere with the potential to do some serious damage thrown in.

So, I started searching how this stuff was associated with ‘enlightment’ and why it was getting a slew of glowing stories in the media. That search led me to discovering many things, but it was only when I stumbled upon MM, and his work on the Occult and Theosophy etc, that the scales fell from my eyes and the cobwebs clogging the pipes in my brain were blown out. I realized those nagging questions/feelings I had that none of it made sense, were spot on, but until MM, I couldn’t seem to find the piece of string that would help me unravel the layers to see the truth. Until I started to understand how all the gurus were connected and promoted (and I checked into many using Miles’ methods) how themes were built on and repackaged, and how men who had done NOTHING but sit on a rock or something for 70 years, somehow had numerous books about them and their wisdom printed in multiple languages, some even had movies and documentaries, so that people like me were never short of programming material and time wasting pursuits. I realized that while I may have been a little mocking of those reading the National Enquirer, I was reading the Spiritual Enquirer published. and owned by the same B@@@@stards, and in my mocking the NE readers, those b@@@stards could check off another box — keeping people divided.

I think I read several other papers by Miles on a number of topics after that. Some I jived with, but others seemed too crazy, and so I stopped reading for a while. Fate brought me back when I was at Knowles house (national trust tour) the ancestral home of Vita Sackville West. Sheer opulance these folks have been living in for centuries is one thing, but VSW got me thinking about Gertrude Stein, Virginia Wolf etc and lesbian agenda starting to go mainstream. And bingo, MM comes up again. This time I was fortunate to see his instructions on what to read and in which order, so as to follow him on his journey and how he began to see the truth.

I have not looked back. The revelations, the unveils and disrobing of so many people, places and events made me realize that we have been saddled with bags of BS, blinded from birth, and starved of truth. To make it worse, every time we thought we had broken free, it turns out we had just moved to another script, another play that they had prepared earlier as we walked up the mountain. MM’s work gave me the keys to finally drop their heavy bags, and the lightness, the clarity feels so good. Sure, I went through periods of anger etc, at how they have wasted so much of our precious time here on earth, how they abused our innocents (young eager children at school) and filled us with stories that only a child would buy, so by the time we were adults we never went back to look at the original crap we were told. Sure we might rethink a bunch of stuff as a result of chomskey, larouche, alex jones, etc etc, but all this stuff, just like my spiritual pursuit kept us in just another one of their playpens

Miles’ work blasted us right past their playpens, cut their strings and exposed them. Sure, I don’t agree with every thing he says, but I agree with what he has exposed, and to quibble about this fact or this conclusion is to miss the bigger point.

Thank you so much Miles for all that you have done and do. I have come to understand in order to have a sliver of enlightenment, you need to first be free of the chains of human bondage.

Nevyn said:

Hey Everyone, I’ve been reading Miles work for more than a decade now, and nearly always find some nugget of inspiration in the papers. I focus on the Physics papers, since that is where my interests lay, but found myself reading his other work when Miles took a break from Physics for a while. I just like his writing style and found that I missed it. I can’t really comment on the conspiracy stuff, but wanted to see if there are any others in here that see some spark in his science work.

Personally, I found it very compelling from the start. It had something that I never knew that I wanted, but knew that it was missing from the more mainstream material I was looking through at the time. I always thought that I wasn’t getting it, or I wasn’t good enough to understand it all. I could see that something was missing but not what it was. Miles showed me that it doesn’t have any basis and that is because it isn’t mechanical. Miles put the Physical back into Physics!

What I found very funny is that the mainstream are always saying how the fringe has stupid ideas that will never work, but they never gave me the tools to see that myself. I had to go to the fringe in order to see why a lot of that fringe material was ‘not even wrong’. Miles gave me the tools to see through so much, including the mainstream, and I just wanted to give him a huge thanks for that. It has inspired me to build many applications to help visualize Miles work and, hopefully, give us all a better understanding of the concepts that he is working with.

One thing I can say is that in my correspondence with Miles over the years, few and far between that it has been, he has always come across as a genuine person. He even published one of my 3D nuclear models in a paper, so at least I know that I am not just an alias for Miles himself. Maybe no one else can know that, but I do and it pulls a lot of substance from such claims in other areas.

Thank you Miles, at least some of us appreciate the huge effort you are putting in.

Seraphangelo said:

Though I have followed Miles for a very long time I have never made any comments on forums or tried to communicate via e-mail before. Now seems like a good time to express my admiration, gratefulness and full support for Miles’ work over the years. This is norwegian/italian support by the way. Hang in there Miles and don’t let these pathetic parasites’ weak attempts to discredit you get you down. You are greatly respected around the globe more than any of these amateurs will ever know. Looking forward to many more years of fascinating MM papers to come. Big thanks to Josh also. Not just for sticking up for Miles, but also for the work/papers you produce yourself.
We are many, in fact legion, who support quietly, but firmly from many cracks, nooks and crannies of different locations all around Tellus. Your work is being spread.

Forrest said:

Howdy, gang – and thank you, Miles. I started figuring a few things out in 2011, but it wasn’t until I heard Jay Weidner mention you in an interview a couple of years later that I started to read what you had to say- that’s when I really had the reality goggles smashed .

Dan Iaria said:

I am a newbie to this forum but I have been a long-time Miles Mathis follower. We have emailed back and forth many times over the years. I don’t pay any attention to the bashers and naysayers of Miles. I am confident enough in my own judgment that I don’t need other to tell me what’s what. If his ideas were so “obviously” wrong, then it should be fairly straightforward for me to figure that out on my own.

My first aha moment with Miles was when I was reading one of his papers redefining Special Relativity. He explained it so clearly and perfectly that I was stunned. As Miles explained, Special Relativity, in terms of time dilation, was not truly a “time dilation” but a “period dilation”. I was literally like…OF COURSE! That makes perfect sense. Physical “time” cannot change…but the “period of time” between received measurements certainly can…due to light pulses having to travel farther and farther as the objects recede from each other.

Miles also explained that objects approaching each other at relativistic speeds would measure a “time compression”…or more correctly a “period compression”. So Special Relativity is NOT independent of velocity vectors (as was wrongly implied by Einstein).

I have had many other aha moments since then…and all of them have been due to his remarkable ability to communicate clearly, logically and succinctly. His alternate derivation of differential calculus was nothing short of brilliant. His explanation of quantum entanglement was eloquent in its simplicity and rids us of those pesky spooky actions at a distance. Quantum entanglement is nothing more than synchronized oscillations! Nothing spooky about that.

Shawn Ross said:

Currently in Bali and it’s just after 4pm local time. Been reading Miles Updates for over two years now and I appreciate this forum to express my gratitude. The wife and I are on a 2 year round the world travel journey but I still check in for Updates on the regular. Cheers!

Kirk Scudamore said:

Greetings Peeps, thanks for hosting Josh. And thank you, Miles, for all that you do.

Short personal story. Over dinner, we sometimes talk about important things. Just last night, my ten year old asked whether I believed in Global Warming. I asked whether he meant that the Earth went through cycles of warming and cooling or that people like us were causing it to heat up. He didn’t know. My twelve year, who had received more education on the question, old helped clarify. Global Warming was heating the world and killing the polar bears – and was due to people using too much energy.

So, we talked about what heat is – photon density. Where heat comes from – the sun and the Milky Way. How heat varies over time – the Earth moving through peaks and valleys of charge density throughout its long travels. They all got it. The 12 year old, the ten year old, the seven year old, and to some extent, even the five year old. What’s more, everyone agreed that the Milky Way had more to say about the ice caps than our family SUV. After 15 minutes, the kids didn’t feel guilty about killing polar bears anymore. Thanks, Miles.

chipo said:

Thank you from Japan, Miles. Thank you also to Josh. I’ve been reading your papers for some time now. Naturally among the biggest ones for me are about the war and nuclear hoax. Using the method I’ve learned from your many papers, I’ve started looking again at the major historical events in our own history and am startled by the extent to which we have been lied to. I enjoy your science writings also. Now looking forward to reading about charge and the human body. Many, many thanks.

Russ UK said:

Favourite Miles paper? Are you kidding? My list would be longer than this comments section. It’s a bit like asking who’s the best guitarist. You then think, well, rock or jazz or classical. The question is unanswerable as no one is the best, because they all have their own merits. I’ve been reading Miles’ papers from very early on, and have found his logic unbreakable. Tricky subjects like ‘lift on a wing’ I had to ponder for several weeks before I could see through my mainstream indoctrination fog, and realise the brilliance of the idea. That’s what I find intriguing about Miles’ theories. Even the most difficult to accept or fully grasp eventually make sense if you study the concept long enough. I’ve never done that and ended up disagreeing. For the layman, the genealogy and fake history papers are the easiest to find supporting evidence for. You have to use up many hours of frustrating searching to find the gems but there are historians out there who know the truth and are willing to speak up. They get the same lambasting that Miles does, gaining the middle name ‘crank’ very quickly but used in conjunction with Miles’ papers on the same subject start to make indisputable sense. All his theories fit neatly together too, unlike the mainstream historical record, which makes about as much sense as a Saudi Arabian shop selling chocolate sunglasses! Keep up your unique work Miles. It’s one of the few things these days that helps me stay sane in this crazy assed world. PARTY ON…!

David Behlman said:

Some of my favorites include: A Revaluation of Time, and the related discussions of dimensions into calculus. These provide a good background for moving forward. But so do the discussions of rainbows and the sun. Last but not least: the unifying of Newton and Coulomb’s equations.

On the other end, I really appreciate the Marx paper, since it helps us see that this managed discussion is old and currently dominates the popular culture. It’s often a starting point when sharing MM with others. Then I like to go to the other extreme with “Your Fake Local News”. Oh but favorites, yes…the newish one on Phillip III and the Crusades and the Lennon paper come to mind.

ramsay said:

Did someone say ‘PARTY?
Lets talk about best party games. My List:
It depends on # of players of course…. If by yourself: Reading Miles

I gave a Miles-paper to my son to read. He poo-pooed it. He said the guy wrote like I talked. Ha, best compliment he ever paid me!

Miles, you make me smile often. I like words. I need truth like I need water. I’m addicted and I finally found a natural spring. Please keep on spurting!

Sven Swenson said:

I first was diverted to Miles’ site a few years ago, and my first reaction was, “whoa, this dude is OUT there.” And, so he is. Fortunately, I was intrigued enough by the first few papers I read, that I went through and read some more. And then some more. I’d guess I’ve read about half of his work, that is the PDFs under the updates section.

After a while, I found the processes, the logic, the train of thought and the writing all were consistent, and indeed layer by layer, and with the consummate skill of a great painter, a clearer picture of the world, and how it really works, was revealed. My bullshit meter never budged off zero. His agenda is clearly seeking the truth, and only a very weak case of misdirection could be made – and misdirecting to point out the truth or most logical conclusion is hardly fruitful.

While I’ve now gotten to a point I can apply some of his work to my own life, I’ve got a long way to go. Discerning reality, weeding through the data, and dealing with various motivations in a world that’s become much more invasive on our lives the last couple of decades is a never ending process. It’s hard work. But it’s been made easier by Miles who’s provided us the tools to help dig through the muck. The chaos around us makes a lot more sense, when considering the backdrop of the various projects, players, actors, schemes, riggings, history and power structures as explained by Miles, rather than the mainstream versions.

And not only is he correct about Veronica Lake, the most beautiful creature to ever grace Hollywood and the silver screen IMHO, he also provides a high quality entertainment factor (with humor), above and beyond the importance of the research he’s done. And his diversion of Tom Turtle Goes A Golfin’, is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

Alexander Illi said:

Speaking of photoshopping and the like… since Miles I really look harder at ‘photos’,
e.g. how about the 3rd picture from top in this article “Ambedkar (In center line, first from right) with his professors and friends from the London School of Economics (1916-17)” (hard looking not really required):
Why not simply label it a collage?

Kevin Murphy said:

Greetings, I am here to pay my respects to Miles Mathis. My enlightening came before I was acquainted with his papers. Sandy Hook was the first time I realized what was on the news was a hoax. I discovered Miles while looking up information on the OJ Simpson conspiracy. His OJ paper made sense of that complete mess of a hoax. I never thought in a million years that the murders never happened. After that I read his papers on Art. While reading them, tears fell from my eyes, burned into my heart, I sensed his situation, put my feet in his shoes, and a fellow feeling arose in my breast–I sympathized with this man. The secret to Miles is that he is a man inspired by the Muses. it is his enthusiasm for the truth, the good and the beautiful which makes him a genius. I too am a poet whom writes beautiful poetry. I never won a contest, or was published. Miles made sense of the whole scam. He refined my reason. He turned the polygon of truth. Shined new beams of light on it. I saw it from a different perspective. My reason could now temper my violent passion caused by the unjust tyranny I was not aware of. The whole world appeared more clear and distinct. I now know the ideal is the reality outside the matrix. I see the world turning and changing before me, but I no long change with it. I am one with truth, the beautiful and what is good. Miles through his pen and personality has helped guide me there. Perhaps he has become something of a Muse himself. Tanto nomini nullum par elogium

arildhammero said:

Hello from Norway! I am having a party with dried cod, mead and brown cheese. Have been reading Miles for a few years now. Being a musician, the articles exposing the art world was a solid nail in the established art and music world´s coffin for me. The Bob Dylan and Lennon articles also, what a feast! Of course Zimmerman did not get “discovered” due to his harmonica playing, ha ha. But these stories about how these rich bozos suddenly found themselves glorified and distributed worldwide have made us lazy in how we perceive the world. We were often told in a young and tender age how things are the way they are, and it has just stuck without revision. So throwing out all the stories about how Steve Jobs, John Lennon and Elvis just suddenly found themselves in their position makes the world easier to live in. Of course, we want to kick the gallery owners and record sale number tweakers in the shin every now and then, but now finally, I don´t have to wonder why things are like this. Cheers, Miles! I will donate a bit of the very few dollars I have.

I just started reading the science articles, finally. Having known all the time that the official art world and our history lessons was at best a far stretch from common sense and thus leaving my quite certain that other perspectives were closer to the truth, I was still put off and confused by the very advanced math and string theories etc. that is flooding the science, math and physics field. So I gave up on making up my own mind for the past few years, not having the same innate drive to understand these things as with art, where I have a much bigger confidence in my own feelings (and the ability to convey them into words and concepts).

A friend of mine who is very intelligent and in periods into alternative conspiracy theories has been recommending books by Brian Green, Pembroke etc., and I have not had any possibility of making up my own mind on these things, since I gave up a bit on philosophy and maths a few years ago. Also my friend has been pushing the Gödels incompleteness theorem for quite a while. And even though I had a leaky gut feeling towards all those cunts since my first year in college (including all the pet theorists in Norway like Habermas, Derrida etc…), I haven’t had the biggest motivation for outing them. And then scrolling down the science site of Mathis I find him writing about Gödel and Popper and all of this. Finally! It will take a while, but finally someone has cracked open this for me, and I can peek into a more enlightened view on these matters and get back on the fundamentals. Very enjoyable to read about the electron swapping theory, which also seemed to be a draft for a theory, not something you actually could take seriously. But schooling these days are filled with ridicilous half truths, teling the children that they will learn some simplified versions of chemistry and history now, and when they get older they will get the bigger picture. Of course, this only destroys the motivation to learn and makes every half truth a part of your vocabulary and thus harder to unlearn…

Now I understand how many people just accept the modern art dogma, and I have more compassion for the poor people who don’t dare to say «crap» when they see crap in the galleries. It´s not that they don’t think their feeling is true, it’s more that you don’t want to be looked at as an idiot when you can’t come forward with any good arguments for why this modern art-thing is crap. But the time for ignoring important stuff is over!

Ok, I´m just happy about this party, and I’m rambling due to a tooth ache that is finally fixed! If we were all here in person, you would be charmed indeed! Lets fix the mental tooth ache that is being pushed by the greedy assholes! Seems like there are quite a few good people around the world, judging by all the comments made at this party.

And as a final comment, I have also had my emails answered by Mathis. I asked him about Ken Wilber and some other things (which of course is a giveaway when you look at the Matrix commentary bonus DVD). I also asked for the price of his paintings. As I cannot afford them now, I recommended them to my brother in law who has got too much money, and want to invest in art. Sadly, he bought prints by Pushwagner. Alas!

Kind regards from Arild Hammerø, the not bitter but zesty musician.

Michael UK said:

If pressed, I would say it would be impossible to point to a single favourite paper that Miles has written, in my opinion. His work is of a piece and interconnects between one paper and another whatever the subject matter. He has raised the bar in the continuing fight against The Powers That Shouldn’t Be and the discovery of their methods. However, that being said, I would like to give a special mention to his art criticism which is like nothing else that I have encountered.

You see, I was unfortunate enough to have attended art college during the late nineteen eighties and have to say that those places really are the propaganda factories that Miles tells us they are. For instance, we had the worst art history lecturer imaginable. As far as she was concerned, to give some examples, Titian’s “Venus of Urbino” was merely an example of pornography and patriarchal hypocrisy. “The Swing” by Fragonard was, “Just a pathetic little man looking up a woman’s skirt” and Bernini’s, “Ecstasy of Saint Teresa” simply, “A woman obviously having an orgasm”. wise, Beaux-Arts architecture was condemned as mere Imperialist decadence and when we finally came to the topic of twentieth century art she opined, “At last! Now we can discuss the art that’s relevant to you!”

I recall overhearing two of my other lecturers discussing the fact that because I was a little older than the other students I had, unfortunately, “developed ideas of my own”. You will say (lol) that perhaps I should have found another art school somewhere else. That would be to miss the point because this is what they are all like; indoctrination centres for the New World Order. They sneer at nineteenth century art schools for their supposed authoritarianism (exactly the opposite is true) while pushing Modernist Correctness without any hint of irony whatsoever.

I had not come across anyone in the public domain who has taken a stand against Modernism in the way that Miles has. Not even close. He was like a breath of fresh air to me.

Gopi said:

I guess my favorite papers of Miles are the Goldbach Conjecture, Hiller, Karl Marx and the guru paper. Since I was not from the US to begin with, I found out about a lot of events over here for the FIRST time by reading a paper on it! Quite a bonus.

Nige said:

To Miles, I’ve read many of your history/truth papers, I must say that you are responsible for fully opening up my eyes to the enormity of the terrible lies and fraud (ongoing) that passes for so-called history, in reality HIS story.

I’ve long known we live in a world of lies and deceit, that we’ve been lied to about pretty much everything, lied to from cradle to grave, however, I wasn’t at first aware of the sheer scale of the ongoing deception. Everything we’ve been taught is just a pack of lies, propaganda, spin and BS. We can’t even listen to music without being subject to endless propaganda!

Your papers for me are quite the antidote to all the endless chicanery and have proven to be quite cathartic. I check often for the latest updates, reading your older papers in their absence. I pass on the science stuff, that isn’t my forte, I’m not overly keen on the lengthy genealogical work either but as you say, we readers can skip that if we choose, not to mention you also highlight any names that are especially prominent.

The longest paper I read was your Manson exposé, book length but very worthwhile. I agree with it entirely, it was an early psyop to end the anti war movement. I’m surprised more researchers haven’t also exposed it. Your paper on Lincoln was also revelatory, in fact they all are.

Most recently I read “Dear Mainstream Media” (excellent) and “What I Finally Understood”, the latter had me nodding my head throughout. I could go on with the papers I recently read, in some cases re-read, but I don’t wanna bore anyone here.

So on that note, I’d just like to thank you for your work and for your sincerity.

Regards, Nige (from England)

Alexander Illi said:

Apropos, one of my favorite of your ‘papers’ must surely be your splendid LOTR-adaption, that is the only one I’ve read that feels like getting immersed in the original tales as a youth, like an organic extension of the originals.

Mihai M said:

I agree with you Alexander Illi. Coincidentally, I’m reading it for the second time with my kid right now, and tonight we just started chapter 3 in book 2 “A Black Stone and a White” I seem to look forward to reading time as much or more then my 8 year old.

Greg Boycott said:

Hello! Checking in from Metro-Detroit. Miles’s work is the door, behind the door, behind the door. I’d been mucking about in “mainstream” conspiracy theory for just about ever until finding Miles and his paper on Manson. Well, you know how that goes. Your mind just starts dropping bullshit like Forrest Gump’s leg braces as he begins running towards clarity and greater reason. Now, I’m ashamed that at one point I spent hours arguing triangulation of fire in the JFK mirage. The physics stuff is beyond me, but I’ve seen enough razor-sharp and detail-oriented precision from Miles to feel comfortable writing him a fairly blank check. I assume it’s mind-blowing and on-point. If I could be allowed one negative comment without being kicked out of the club: I cannot agree with Miles’s conclusions on John Lennon. I cannot provide any reason beyond my own senses…that isn’t him, that Mark Staycer guy. Suffice it to say, I can’t reconcile the voice. It’s a good imitation but Staycer is just smoother, glassy…a singer, no matter how great, simply does not “improve” with age in my experience. John Lennon, if he were alive, would sound terrible in the 2000’s, much like Paul and George did/do. Or Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, etc.

Russell Tropinsky said:

I didn’t even take Physics in high school and I have read all 2000+ pages of his scientific research including owning his books and the updates. Trust me, I’m not the brightest bulb when it comes to the sciences or mathematics but Miles’ scientific papers are written with the layman in mind; he makes no appeal to the academics by using the latest lingo, and as long as you are an intelligent person you shouldn’t have much a problem with his papers. I started with the historical / cultural papers but at this point I can’t tell you which I enjoy more! The scientific papers have been such an unexpected surprise in my life. I never thought I would be interested in such things, but Miles opened many doors for me.

Nightbird said:

I’ve been reading your website since the John Lennon post. I think that the link was on one of the Paul is Dead websites. I came to “fake news and conspiracy theories” through celebrity gossip. Over the years, my sister and I observed how celebrity back stories change radically, along with their faces. Too many times we would say, “That’s not the same person!” or “Do they think we forgot what they said last year?” Soon it became obvious that certain movie stars, politicians, etc. were spooks. Don’t get me started on Ashton Kutcher, who told us we were being Punk’d. Silly observations became less silly as I did research and branched out into general truth seeking. I have learned to realize when we are being played with (a WH spokesman named Josh Earnest, seriously?) I like what you do as it lines up with things that I have found. You get more into the genealogies than I do and I am more interested in psychology and cognitive dissonance in societal history, but we are all approaching the same BS from different angles. That last sentence sounds like pure BS but I am sticking with it.

Patrick said:

Late peep. Thanks for the work, Miles. Every paper helps me see the real world more clearly.

LeeLou said:

My gut feeling told me there was more to know. Since then I have been seeking knowledge/truth. I researched, read books, visited many websites and so called “truthers.” Many sites took me down the rabbit hole to a point. Somehow I stumbled on MM. I can’t even remember the paper that had me enter his site. It was a feeding frenzy for me. I am reminded of Miles’ paper about traveling up the mountain, having now discarded many of those disinformation agents. I learned a new language. There was a time I had to stop reading. I fell into a dark time, as in distressing. I guess that was the rationalization period. The Why question keeps popping up. I have read and re-read Miles papers and am thankful for waking up and for what I have learned.

Wesley Everest said:

My birthdate was in the House of JFK and I have been highly skeptical in my 60 plus years on this earth (flat or round). I have alienated too many friends and family members calling bullshit when I see it. Some dark and lonely times. So, it was a great day to discover MM. (No disrespect to whomever or whatever you are. I will never be in contact, only go to Updates daily). You have enriched my life greatly… Thanks.

Terry said:

It’s really simple guys – Miles encourages me to question and to think for myself. Reading his pieces is a treat and seeing others follow suit is great. Over time this has only increased and led to greater understanding whereas other sites, sooner or later, leave a bad taste in the mouth. Such as Piece of Mindless. No answers to the points raised, just schoolyard name calling. But we’re not interested in that juvenile stuff anymore, we want answers, evidence, proof, something substantial. Well I see Miles providing those things, I see Josh, I see Vexman, each in their way contributing to the big picture. So here’s raising a pint of Guiness to you guys, with appreciation. Keep it coming…

Jeffrey E T said:

Miles Mathis, I raise my glass in toast to you! I believe you, along with Jim Stone are currently the most prolific, intrepid, and thorough sources of truth available right now. I have always been a skeptic of mainstream thought, but as others here allude, what MM brings – aside from an incredibly diverse and broad sweep of subjects – is a much needed resurrection of common sense, including the ‘qui bono?’ and ‘connect-the-dots’ analytical perspectives… This is SO lacking amongst the vast majority, who act like they are frankly hypnotized parrots, but there seems to be a real culling going on now as ‘red’ and ‘blue’ pillers (if you can swallow the meme, and pun intended!) sharply polarize.

I admit here, as far as physics goes, my allegiance is to the work of Dewey B. Larson – I administer the only Facebook page feting him – who I believe is destined to be proven the greatest theorist of the 20th century in the long view. Even so, I have caught snippets of MM’s Charge Theory and would like direction to a primary paper introducing the ideas in full.

Don’t ever let the light go out!

Brian from Hawaii:

I’ve been a fan for years too! The way he writes, the “bon-mots” the zingers! Even if you don’t agree with him he is hilarious! (Sometimes)

Anon said:

Hello, I’m one of Miles’s regular readers/writers. As promised, I’m here to make a short reply … as a real person.

At first, I thought Josh made a mistake opening up himself to trolls, but what I failed to do was thinking one step ahead. Miles’s dancing in and tripping up those paid bums was a turning point of victory.

In short, Miles saved my life. For now, I’m trying to write off my debt to him by offering some papers, updates, and giving small donations, but I hope my Fates will help me contribute much much more in the next decade. This is just an overture.

Love you, and take care.

Tawanyh L. Guevara Rozin said:

Miles has brought so many good things to my life. Keep going! Cheers.

Lloyd said:

Miles, I just found your conspiracy site last year, after having read your science site since 2010 or so. Your findings are very interesting…. I guess your Watergate and Castro papers are my favorites. It might be nice to have a summary conclusion about your findings.

Shivani said:

Miles is a living legend and a true inspiration for scholars and real scientists. He boldly ventures where most others would not even dare to imagine going. He has bypassed centuries of indoctrination about how science and scientists should be, defining his own way which is *right*, which is how scholarship and science should have been all along.

I’m not a physicist but there is something about his character which makes it transparent that he values truth, integrity, creativity, and openness (among other things) a great deal. That shines through in his science papers and his writing style which give them a certain glow, as if you’re encountering something impossibly intriguing even though you don’t understand all of the content yet. His rationality, ability to do logic and great research, and the fact that he gets results only makes him all the more admirable.

I could go on but I don’t want to ruin the party with long essays saying essentially the same stuff.

haggisnneepsntatties said:

Been following Miles for about 8 years now ever since I was on my own mission to find truth. (Miles I don’t think you will remember but I had just found Richard Hoagland’s site about hyper dimensional physics and was asking about the validity of it when you crushed him and led me to your site)

When you read BullSh^t you know it’s bull but its hard to tell where the BS is. I was wading through tons of BS until I came across Miles. When you read the truth, hear the truth, see the truth it is so obvious that it IS the truth.

The papers are for the most part legible and understandable. There are a few bits where it gets quite tricky (sorry MM!) but its worth re-reading until you get it (specifically interplanetary motions /tides and also nucleus modelling) In that respect I can follow the papers but couldn’t for example build up a nucleus myself of any given element.

The Relativity stuff is just astonishing, building up from the photon, giving it mass and watching as everything just falls into place when you do this one simple thing (yeah simple eh??) Then BOOM! Dark matter – solved. Unified equation – Done. Relativity – Sorted. All makes sense now.

I don’t even bother reading the other crap any more because there is one annoying fact that is the biggest hurdle we face as Mathisians. Peer review is where the argument always ends for “the herd”. I have tried arguing with many people but at the end of the day the biggest rejection I always get it the herd mentality “so how can all these scientists be wrong and this one guy is right?” Annoyingly, I CAN SHOW them where they are wrong. THAT they are wrong. Convincingly. But the herd gene is strong.

I check daily for new papers. I love the depth of the genealogy and the papers on historical events. I have become “awoke” and find it hard to listen to normal conversations any more because I know they are all based on falseness. But I do not begrudge that knowledge as I think we are now on the right track. I’m happy with that for now.

Next steps beckon in ALL fields with these discoveries. I just wish I could do something, be a part of it but I don’t know how other than to start here by saying “peep” and I am available as a resource to do what I can.

Thanks Miles for opening my eyes and thanks Josh for hosting the party

Forever a friend an ally, Moi

kksalmcwilcox said:

I just want to say thank you for all you do Miles. I’ve learned more about science and physics on your site than I did in school. I also love the exposes of our culture and your information of disinformation. I sometimes contribute a meager amount when you hit a home run in my park. You are without a doubt the best read on the WWW.

Thank you! I love you!

Marty said:

Many people are talking about their favorite papers. It’s hard to choose. I instead want to comment on what I believe are in some way the most relevant. That is, the theme of fake or partially fake wars and fake nukes.

The paper on Napoleon is dynamite. I’m interested in military history, so I was familiar with many of the contradictions in the story. Same with WWII. Hitler was like that comedy sketch about Blofeld and Bond. Every time Hitler had somebody on the ropes, he let ’em go.

nnfos2 said:

Greetings from Colorado!!…..all of you Party Animals !! lol I have been wanting to thank you Miles (and of course you as well Josh—and ALL of the Great guest writers/contributors) for the huge body of research you’ve done. I thought this would be a great time to do it.


I had been seeking answers(truth) since February of ’88 after studying all of the symbols on a dollar bill when I decided to start reading/researching this free-for-all called ‘non-fiction’ I ‘discovered’. Wasn’t interested in novels or best sellers so when I ‘discovered’ the non-fiction category, I thought I would be able to ‘get to the bottom’ of this big ‘”Play” that is referred to as history/reality. So much didn’t make enough sense….. or claimed to be the ‘truth’ at the exclusion of Everything else. Not acceptable.
Almost All people/’adults’ I spoke with basically use what I like to call the 4 S’s…..
” Something Somebody Somewhere Said ” ……. as their ‘reference’ points……….. Not acceptable.

When I got to the spiritual/mystical/religious ‘teachings’ … was even Worse….. you know — having to take information on ‘faith’ with NO backing whatsoever. Having already rejected the major religions in my early teens I thought that these secret or mystery teachings would ‘reveal’ the truth. NOT! As my Dad was a 32nd degree Mason and an Air Force pilot (Major) who flew the Berlin Airlift campaign, I was Very interested in this ‘masonic’ angle. He passed (under weird/interesting/unusual circumstances) back in ’61 when I was only 6, so I never got a chance to pick his brain on Any subject. When reading about the masons/templars and all the mystic claims and counter-claims, I found that I needed to get my hip boots on due to the depth of the ….. uh….. Stuff! …… again….. Not Acceptable.

I got to the point where I knew something was ‘missing’ …..all “information” was incomplete or still had holes in it. I concluded that I didn’t have ‘enough’ information to come to any Real conclusions. After researching and learning what I could about the observer/learner/thinker……”Me”, I knew that much of what I had Learned Needed to be Unlearned. So I trudged on even though I couldn’t get a straight answer on Anything……. kinda like NASA—–never a straight answer.

When I finally read — a decade plus later—after the sad, controlled 9/11 event— Dave McGowan’s big piece on the Laurel Valley fakes, tipping sacred cows on a daily, or nightly, basis—(plus the fake Lincoln event and the fake moon landing event)— Miles Mathis was referenced………………….. and OH BOY……….. did I have SOME reading to do!! 150 plus papers later I THINK?! I am ready to tackle Miles’ science papers. Only made it through college physics, geometry, astronomy, environmental biology, psych, philosophy and anthropology 101’s. So far I cut my teeth on the “Rainbow” and the “Why Is Sky Blue” papers but haven’t dived in all the way just yet. But I must say, I have had a lot of questions about the CAN (commonly accepted norm) in ALL fields of ‘science’. So finding out the founding fathers in the field had “fudged” from the beginning was very enlightening. I had always wondered why as we kept getting better and bigger telescopes, science didn’t kinda just start over instead of making all new knowledge in the field FIT with what is presently ‘known’—- although they was mostly just theories.

Now I don’t feel so crazy, odd, weird ….. or mostly, Alone. Having lost most friends and family speaking/debating subjects such as these for years, I can now understand Why most people don’t want to Know much more than what they learned in HS or perhaps college…….. TOO much work/reading, plus…. Who wants to kill all their sacred cows and start over ?? …… way too daunting and ‘scary’ for Most.
I must say…..It’s a Great Day when I see a new article posted, Miles. And now I have some other blogs to catch up on thanks to your good guest writers. Thanks again, y’all, for so much good Work!!

My son is one of two left who will listen to me speak of these things…….. so I’ll ask him to stop by and absorb a little…..cheers!! This seems like a great opportunity to meet like minded people with mutual interests.

If this post is inappropriate feel free to remove it, but if anyone is interested in finding study partners or discuss miles’ writing, I’m setting up an IRC freenode channel, #mathis (name of channel can be changed later). Hope to see people there at the afterparty.


wesrobking57 said:

Just chiming in to say that I really appreciate Miles’s work.

Ted OBrien said:

I emailed Miles and thanked him for his research several months ago. He’s made some important observations and probably some brilliant scientific contributions. But no, John Lennon and Elvis aren’t still alive after faking their deaths. And Lennon wasn’t promoted because of his privileged lineage. He was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Is Miles the front-man for a committee? If only he were. What I find sad is that he works alone and is not a part of anything. Cheers to everyone here who has voiced support for his work. I wish Miles a long life and the support that will make his work known to a wider audience and to future generations.

Nathan said:

I’ve been reading Miles’ stuff for a couple years now. Love it, though don’t always agree with some of the conclusion jumps. But overall he’s damn near flawless in his writing.

EggHead said:

Hi Miles,

I’m stopping by the party just to say hi and greet any others who may still be here. My all time favorite paper was definitely Tate. For what it’s worth my intro. was a video uploaded to the tube called “the monsters dupe us again”. In it the author gave credit to you and references your websites. I clicked over but was definitely not ready to read 80 pages + (that are the Tate paper).

After so many months the itch returned and the video was gone. Then re-uploaded and gone again. A few months later someone else mentions your name, Miles Mathis. And damn if that wasn’t the right time to check your W website. I fell right into that Tate paper and was far gone. Of course everything rang true and reconciled well with my intuition. As a matter of fact most of your papers are like that. The only ones that aren’t are because I’m not ready for them. And to top it off my wife is having a hard time not finding me reading your papers. She loves it though. Your impact is already rolling out of her lips. We see the shenannigans everywhere. As in what people try and share all the time, “have you heard?” “did you see that show?” “what about…?”

It’s so funny, I failed history class twice in a row in college and ultimately didn’t stay “that” course. I now see why. I wasn’t buying that official line of garbage.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. From my heart to yours, please understand that your efforts are most appreciated and will not be soon lost. The courage and tenacity alone is not found in many.  someone else mentioned, when I travel through, it would be great to find a local restaurant/watering hole and have a few in honest appreciation.

Cheers. 🙂

olicantgetit said

gotta say lucky lindy was my all time favorite thanks I know its a lot of work…

Benjamin said:

Well Miles, I said in an email I wouldn’t be joining the party, but have changed my mind. So here I am, caramels in hand.

I believe John Lennon was the first paper I read of yours. Somehow I stumbled across Mark Staycer, then you. My memory is slightly hazy, but thats certainly the paper that landed the biggest sucker punch to the guts, overturning everything I thought I knew. It was a wrench at first, but much more peaceful since, being able to make sense of it all.

LongtimeAirman said:

We’ve been celebrating a holiday here – Happy Mother’s Day!

For those of you that think physics is above your head, I beg to differ, apparently you haven’t read Miles’ physics papers – all actions reduce to photon collisions. All matter is comprised of photons and all matter constantly recycles photons – the charge field. The notion that anyone can track the motives and intentions of human “particles” is beyond me.

I first read Miles in reaction to reading anti pi=4 comments. To see Miles correcting Newton in clear language was a wonderful revelation – in many ways, including the fact that neither Newton nor calculus is sacred. Over hundreds of papers Miles reveals the charge field that lay hidden in science for over two hundred years. I’m still amazed at the breadth of knowledge he’s provided – for free.

I’d always wanted to become a physics teacher. I’d always followed scientific developments until finally quarks and black holes drove me to reject most all science. I was a civil service engineer who found more answers in Miles’ charge field than in all my formal school work. So I sent him a card – thanking him for the some of the AhHa’s along with a small donation. I’m retired military and I’m sure I struck he as a tad suspicious. I didn’t tell him I had intended to devote myself to learning all I could about the charge field, becoming a proponent and someday helping others learn about it.

Thanks Miles, Robert McBride

Shamus Hammons said:

Sorry if I’m a bit late to the party, I didn’t see the invite until a few hours ago and have been reading all the new comments.

I’d have to say my favorite paper is the John Lennon…. Let me just say too that I really appreciate your genealogical work. I have heard for some time now that studying the subject was worthwhile but just didn’t have the heart to do it. I am very grateful that you have delved into it as you have shown what a rich vein it is and its intrinsic value.

A close second would be any of your papers on the solar system. The standout there for me though was the Enceladus paper. It was quite an eye opener to think about the brightness of the Moon and how it couldn’t possibly come solely from reflected sunlight. It reminded me the times I attempted to look at the Moon through a telescope when it was over a quarter phase–and I say attempted because without a filter on the eyepiece, the light coming from the Moon was *dazzlingly* bright and uncomfortable to look at for any length of time. When you finally throw out your indoctrination and actually think about the phenomenon that you are witnessing and think through the logical implications, you realize that you have far from a complete picture of how the world actually works and why things look they way they do.

So all that to say that I appreciate the fact that your papers helped (and are still helping!) me to break out of my indoctrination. They are truly a breath of fresh air.

CBear said:

Dear Miles, I just want to take the time to thank you for what you do. I look forward to all of your new (updates) papers. I find myself saying wow a lot and oh yeah that makes sense. I used to follow some weird shit on youtube, thanks for redirecting me. My world has changed, I feel a bit on the outside now looking in and of course none of my friends or family will read your blog, they just get this glazed look on their faces…its very funny. Thanks for all your tremendous hard work…it is so appreciated. PS I love your papers on John Lennon and Kennedy.

Miles’ work has helped me gain a much deeper grasp of the “milieu” in which we find ourselves. Controlling that seems to be their real endgame. The Manson, OJ, and JFK papers were seminal in that regard, as well as the modern art/money laundering one. But it’s hard to reduce down to just a handful, as the whole body of work is so valuable. I love the one about the “fundamental error of modernity” which is the most cogent attack on the “equality” myth I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t had the time to delve deeply into the science papers, but will do that soon.

As for the “real person or committee” debate, if Miles is a committee then Langley has some top-drawer people of a different order than their usual dreck. There’s such a rich and genuine depth of personality that comes through the writings that if it’s manufactured we might as well all give up and go home.

I love cats, and have always felt that Whitney Houston had all the soul of a modulated fog horn, and had skipped over the Tom Waits essay because I had never paid much attention to him. When I saw he was coming up on an Austin City Limits rerun I pulled it up and read it while listening, which was almost surreal, Miles had nailed him so well. That level of nuance would be next to impossible to fake.

Thanks Miles, for your dedication and great work.

Vick the Chick said:

A Free Lunch! A New Pair of Glasses! An exciting Roller Coaster Ride that leaves you enriched, entertained, educated and a BETTER PERSON at the end! That is what Miles Mathis’ writings are to me. I print out his latest and sit down to read it as would a fatty with a big slice of chocolate cake. Oh goody! I savor every bite! Then I feel guilty. What have I done for him that he should do so much for me for free? Some day I will buy his art. Some day! Maybe I should get something on layaway. I wish he would paint Marilyn Monroe but realize that is sort of ridiculous. Oh well. I will just send best wishes for now! I raise a Margarita from San Francisco. . .

ranchpig said:

Saw the latest update and wanted to pop in and clink my glass.

Stumbled onto MM’s site about 6 months ago but have read everything on the art side. Eye opening, but more importantly, paradigm shifting. You know the bottom line is, I feel much more relaxed knowing how manipulated I’ve been from culture, science, govt/news, etc. I’m clear headed. I’m healthier.

I think why so many feel MM is arrogant is that self confidence is a virtue and is unrelated to humility. Those with it intimidate those without and most respond in the only way they can by attacking instead of being humble themselves and possibly learning. I know I used to be that way.

Keep up the great work.

dovetails said:

What a great party. Truly something worth celebrating about. Mile’s and friends, gratitude, three cheers, count me in, I’ll shout . Thanks for your voluminous writings, worldly opined opinions clearly insightful, beyond any msm trance. You provide the hearth for truth to ignite, in me and the many to dance. Hip hip hooray

Some Guy Posting said:

Also, since I didn’t say it earlier, thanks for all the hard work you do with your papers. You have really opened my eyes much more than others have.

Tom Baugh said:

Miles has stated a theory about circular kinematics and some others have run some experiments that produce results consistent with that theory. Are they correct? Until I look into the experiments more (and reproduce them myself), I am keeping an open mind, and not getting distracted about pi. I prefer to think of Miles’ circular kinematics proposal as pi-prime, or the use of a possibly different constant, maybe even 3.9 or 4.1 or whatever, or even a parametrized value, depending on what the results produce. Or maybe mi instead of pi. LOL. Regardless, he has clearly stated that his theory applies to circular kinematics, not static geometric circles.

Anyway, that conflict between theory and experiment, and digging into why an experiment produces unconventional results (possibly due to friction or whatever) is what science is about.

Ultimately, what is the impact if the whole pi-prime=4 thing is wrong? It would merely invalidate one his theories, and cause some dependent work to be readdressed. That is also science.

It would not invalidate in any way any of his other contributions. Each of those stand or fall based on their individual merit (and certainly NOT on ad hominem directed against him). If we experimentalists can help shoulder the burden to prove any of his theoretical contributions, the man deserves full credit, even if ultimately only one idea of his is standing at the end. Or maybe, we help improve upon his ideas to create even better models. Again, that is also science.

A toast to the guest of honor

Toni said:

I don’t need to read the hatchet job done on Miles because I can make up my own mind about him. I’ve been reading his stuff for probably 3 years and I check in several times a week to see what’s new. I’ve learned tons!! My daughter, who is 16 now, has been reading him for almost as long. She is really into the science stuff and I’m more into what I call the “People” magazine section about outing everybody. (Smile). We’ve both learned so much and I for one am very appreciative and my daughter has discovered her love of science and other things that it has lead her to research. I don’t always agree with everything, but for the most part, I do. When you work hard to seek truth, get you pretty damn good at recognizing it. And thank God and Miles for that!

My daughter and I are right now in Florence, Italy. We kind of accidentally went to a modern art exhibition. We stormed thru there in less than 5 minutes. I’m not offended easily (because I don’t care much what people think), but that place was offensive. There was actually something there called “Artist’s shit”. And I think it was someone’s shit painted and stuck in a frame. If not for Miles, I would probably still be looking at modern art wondering what was wrong with me that I couldn’t see the beauty and necessity of it.

Jake Taylor said:

Hey Miles, I’ve been reading you since about 2013 and I’m a big fan. I have to come out as one of your gay readers who has some Ashekenazi DNA. My mother’s family came from Ukraine in 1912 to Milwaukee but they considered themselves German Lutherans since at least 1876 and are now Mormon. My father was a realist landscape painter who I watched struggle with the popularity of modernism. He’s no longer with us but when I first read Mile’s article on money laundering (brought there by a link from a zerohedge comment) I knew he was on to something. After that I read his articles on my lunch hour or free time and gradually worked my way through the updates page and then into the physics pages. I speak French and lived in Belgium (Liege/Limbourg) for several years in the ’80s (after I graduated high school and met my first bf who owned a restaurant there – we met on a beach in Sitges, Spain for those of you who need the backstory!) so Miles seems like a brother/kindred spirit to me. Yes, there are a lot of gays and lesbians in Hollywood and I have been suspicious of the recent 180 degree change in acceptance of lgbt people. Gay gossip has always been filled with conspiracies about AIDS being created from modified plague virus for the purpose of eliminating gays and drug users and living in Boston in the ’80s I saw a lot of graffiti stating that AIDS was God’s retribution for the sin of homosexuality. So to be able to get gay married now (I’m still single) is mind-blowing. One of the major perks of being gay is not having to be monogamous but apparently we are now expected to ape heterosexual monogamy and adopt a romanian baby?

I like big hairy muscular men, not little boys, okay? And, yes, Miles, you are adorable with your angelic curls and high IQ but I’m not here for that because it’s obvious you like women and I respect that. I love you for your insights.

And just to address the comments about Miles’ self esteem: Confidence != Hubris. I love it when Miles brags and gloats about his accomplishments. I love that he blows his own horn. In this world we rarely receive the recognition that we deserve and sometimes we do need to remind people of what we have accomplished.

One last thing: I was active politically in the gay rights movement in the ’90s and I have seen first hand how organizations are infiltrated and made dysfunctional. I am saddened by the negativity in the comments here: nobody is talking about Mile’s work, instead they are either throwing mud or trying to defend. But since this is a party I’ll ignore all that and raise a glass of Westmalle Tripel in Mr. Mathis’ honour and say “Keep up the great work, Miles, and don’t let the haters phase you.”

Ambiguously_Ironic said:

Stumbled across Miles and his website a few years ago and the overwhelming difference between his papers and this smear campaign against him is this: his papers contain actual content and actual arguments, while the smears are full of bald claims and logical fallacies. All those words yet totally devoid of any tangible argument.

To tell the truth, the pitiful debunkings do as much or more to convince me of Miles’s sincerity than his papers themselves do.

Sven Swenson said:

As I read through Miles’ work, there are two papers that stick out for me. His paper on George Washington (and Ben Franklin) were tough on the soul. I knew George had some royal roots and all the Presidents the U.S. have ever had (including Obama) can be traced back to him as a distant (and sometimes not so distant) cousin. But I didn’t understand the context of it all until compared to what happened in Europe, and how the royal families there were all infiltrated. I knew Ben Franklin had some moral issues, and his rags to riches story makes for nice propaganda, but I always held Washington in a different light – he’s portrayed as such a humble servant of the people. To lose him, and the American Experiment in Democracy and by proxy the U.S. Constitution all in one fell swoop is something I still struggle with.

The other paper that resulted in a significant reset of my world view was his paper on the fake atomic bomb. As a former military officer (not Lt. Col, BTW), I served under Reagan and took a little pride at the time of fighting communism for four years. Later on I discovered more about war being a racket, and after 911 it was apparent it’s a profitable racket, but the Cold War, threat of nuclear annihilation, and all the money spent on national defense for the various nuclear programs is just based on a giant hoax? Oh my. It’s hard to have part of your life ripped away as just another pointless exercise (except for profit and control) by the puppet masters.

Now I ponder the future, and I wonder how much is scripted, how much is potentially chaotic free play, and how it pans out for those of us who are essentially modern day serfs? To be enlightened by the truth and a better understanding of the world comes with a price, as of course ignorance is bliss.

Lofcaudio said:

Favorite paper: Tiger Woods, especially all of the tangential PGA-related stuff like Payne Stewart and questionable shots in major events.

Maria said:

Mixed reactions. Some start reading the papers themselves on their own and some violently protest. Especially the pi thing gets my brainy friends in a frenzy. Some people generally object to losing their idols like Hawking, Jobs and Musk and refuse to let go of them. I can’t blame them, but I don’t like that they object before actually reading the paper. I think it takes an ability to admit one has been wrong and that one can be fooled to go into the subject matter. It is painful to know that I read Chomsky, that I looked up to Hawking and thought Jobs was some kind of business genius. I once in my younger days also believed Al Gore, but it always makes me slightly nauseous to think that thought out loud.

I really like this idea that after having passed all the first line gatekeepers, crawled through the wilderness of a second layer of less obvious lies and after having stumbled into an unmentioned number of detours making up a third layer of more fancy lies, and you feel all alone, you trust no one and you are angry, what is there? There is punch! There are happy and nice people, there is a party! I wonder if the spooks in reality actually want to join in the fun instead of trolling such parties.

Jake Taylor said:

I have brought up Miles ideas with several people, including my brother and my step-dad and neither of them has really had time (or motivation?) to read anything yet. I try to explain the concepts without coming across as “anti-semitic” which has been so ingrained in people’s minds. So I use terms like “industrialists” and “powers that be” and they both were familiar with the idea that the US presidents were/are related.

The physics stuff is great because it makes sense for the first time. I always hated math but because Miles explains things in ways that make sense instead of the un-relenting obfuscation which I’ve always seen at the university level and wondered about.

melponeme_k said:

I really enjoy reading all your articles. I found you through ARC but never knew you had moved to your own website.

Realizing that most of mass media was all staged nonsense was hard. I also attempted a career in the arts which came to nothing. If only I knew only bloodlines could apply, I would not have wasted so much time. Then again I probably would not have believed it as a young person.

My favorite articles are on the Manson murders, Lennon, Franklin, and art commentaries.

Alan Donelson said:

Miles Mathis remains as vicarious, ambiguous, arguable, debatable, ambidextrous, a Renaissance man — I hope not in the fold or mold of “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome” [Michael Hoffman] — as he has represented his Self to be. GOD bless Miles M. and your Self! I have had P.E. | PH.D. types invoke an ad hominem or three and walk away from MM’s pi = 4 proof. I have had “forensic experts” run away from “Let Him Be” photography! I know why.

I have had my go-rounds with “highly” educated and putatively “intelligent” engineers and scientists concerning the work, findings, and writings of Miles Mathis. I shall put on my bucket list meeting face to face with this remarkable man! I hope we do have a real-life, F2F party some day!

N. said:

Good evening, all. Glad for the chance to send you some more thoughts.

Two of the most intriguing papers for me were the Tate murders and John Lennon. After reading Tate paper twice, I looked at the Susan Atkins interviews, and it struck me that this was not a criminal or a prison inmate but an actress–pretty, well groomed, unstressed–giving a performance. I still look into Mark Staycer from time to time. He’s a musician, a singer, a Beatle expert, and purportedly a radio DJ and he has no social-media presence? Red flag

EggHead said:

Talk about “waking up!” Dave McG’s book was good. I enjoyed it as well as the one by John Potash, “Drugs as Weapons Against Us.” But now having become even more aware, through Miles’ papers, it’s easy to spot what’s going on in those two books. As is typical, they lead with a kernel of truth and pour the disinformation like crazy confusing any issue you may be sniffing out.

John G. said:

Miles, thanks for your astounding work in science, history, and art (I also enjoyed your paper related to health). I learned of you in a comment thread at ZeroHedge, which linked to your JFK paper. OMG! I knew there were hoaxes here and there (e.g., McGowan’s work on the moon landings, Butz’ work on the Holocaust, SimonShack on 9/11), but I had no inkling whatsoever that the hoaxes ran so wide, deep, and long. Reading your papers was a real joy and thrill (and wholly fleshed out the reading I had done of Dewey Larson); they make great sense, and have truly reshaped my worldview.

I am very happy that increasing numbers of folks are waking up and thumbing their nose to The Cabal. Evidence I see of that is the fall in registration of Democrats and Republicans and the rise in registration in independents; falling readership in the weakstream media; increasing amounts of organic food in supermarkets and even Costco; etc. You are fueling and hastening this awakening process, directly and indirectly.

Keep up the great work, Miles. I am happy to see you celebrate the dismantling of “Kevin’s” paper by you, Josh, and your supporters. I look forward to your party in Taos!

Hook ’em Horns (I’m a BBA, ’85, and it goes without saying that your academic performance was a whole lot more impressive than mine)!

Donovan Rübsaat said:

Make that one more comment. 🙂 Miles, I’ve been reading mucho of your stuff during the last year, science & genealogy alike. And I learned quite a lot, adding to clarity. Say in the case of all those pranksters in history, some ten years ago it was only a blunt and vague feeling about the forces running the planet. Now, thanks to you, we have names and faces. 🙂

I also like to read between the lines and feel myself into the writer, and I could always sense the energy of seclusion a bit, which I understand well regarding the circumstances in your life. Your last piece about your genealogy stood out for me. Because for the first time you got really personal. I simply loved your conclusion, that the crucial difference between a committee and you is self. That hit it for me.

As someone who has been terrorized by the PowersThatWere in every (un)imaginable way over the period of many years I can only stress that again. Being yourself, being in the midst of you, consciously being at heart 24/7 makes you invincible against these parasites. They cannot stand the energy of love and trust, simple fact.

Thank you so much, Miles. We are truly not alone in our efforts, that combined will make this change happen furthermore. I feel it deeply within me. I am very thankful, that so many people around the world start to wake up and commune. It makes me kinda speechless for once…:-

Philip Cox said:

Holy cow this shindig is taking off! It’s hard to keep up with the comments anymore so I better dive in while there is still punch. I’ve been following Mathis for years and like the other readers was channeled through by some random comment on Zero Hedge. Good to hear there are still insurgents out there.

Miles respectfully slapped aside something that I tried to bring up what Thunderbolts was pushing in an email. I was very happy to see him out them recently and he’s correct it is very little use trying to figure out what the hell happened eons ago when we are still trying to put together the basic building blocks. I know he is a busy man so I try to keep it short but I’m always willing to help the cause of truth.

But there are just not enough words of praise available for Miles and what he has done for the real truth community and everyone else. Honestly I never could say I met a true man in my life and I always wanted to meet one to learn from. Sadly there aren’t any around here (or seemingly most places as we are finding out) but Miles has been a shining beacon and example for the rest of us. If you aren’t raising a family at least contribute to real art or science or history… and kick some fascists spooks to the curb along the way.

I’ve tried spreading the word some with friends and family with mixed success. I find you either have to be firm but kind and gentle or they just have to be ready. Either way the truth is spreading and the revolution starts when you want it to start. Whatever the real population of the world is they have pretty much betrayed everyone so like Miles said your allies are everywhere. Go git ‘em!!!

Edu said:                       

Thank you Mile Mathis for new scientific theories that actually explain things. You have real readers.

David rogan said:


I am not sure whether I am more jealous of your intelligence within the field of physics or art. I guess It really doesn’t matter as I am just astonished that people like you exist and I am able to read all of your notes. My opinion might not matter but I do think you are true genius.

Thank you

John Cooke said:

It is soothing and reassuring to the soul to read through the comments and see that there truly is genuine thinking and analysis still occurring in the world. This naturally contrarian, naive soul has always sensed something isn’t exactly right. After reading a typical Miles paper I will realize how ignorant and naive I am. After looking at manufactured photos that Miles describes in detail and seeing how my innocence has been conned is truly humbling, yet at the same time I get a sense of freedom, a freedom from the daily deceit. Miles, your attention to detail is incredible, I only wish I could experience a small portion of your gift. I do look at the human world much differently and with a healthy and a much larger dose of skepticism now. For me, the back half of this life has been much about unlearning the bs I was indoctrinated with the first half. I ponder why it has to be that way. To begin with what we know to be real and true would seemingly be more productive, but there is that innocence again. Thank you Josh for the forum, thank you to the contributing individual commenters, and to Miles for the wealth of information, analysis, opinion, and inspiration!

Alice said:

Peep! From New Zealand. I am late coming to your party. I am shy and will slide gently into the background. I love to read and absorb knowledge and think about our world. The internet has been like a fabulous library. I am a farmwoman so have fresh air, distant vistas and aloneness. The busy days of raising a family have diminished now, though grandchildren are around to liven things up from time to time.

I have read most of your papers, Miles, over the years, so if you can tell that NZ is dipping into your site from time to time, that person is probably me. You said that I should not trust you, as I do not know you, and I took that on board. I read what you have to say. Sometimes I disagree with you, sometimes I cannot understand your complicated theories, sometimes you do not finish your papers, as if you have tired of the subject.

I am interested in the global warming/climate change dialectic, and hoped you would clarify and explain the fraud in your own words. You disappointed me here, Miles. Yes, you wrote about the atmosphere, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide. Methane, and its structure. Also the solar cycle, the seasons, the sun, and made a very insightful prediction of the coming maximum. But your attitude was ambiguous. I sensed a lack of interest in analysing the fraud.

Why am I so interested in this subject? Well it is because, NZ has been calculated to have high emissions of greenhouse gases, compared to the rest of the world, because of our huge agricultural industry. Our Marxist government is newly elected, a story in itself, and is determined that farmers will have to be a part of our ETS and pay carbon taxes. Million of dollars have already been wasted setting up a greenhouse gas scientific study, where scientists have been paid to find a way to lower the greenhouse gases that the animals naturally emit, and to farm without releasing gases which harm the environment. The mantra is, that NZ will be able to lead the world and set an example, be the first to have a 0 carbon economy, make money from our scientific discoveries. This madness is actually taken seriously. Which is why I call myself, Alice, and live in a rabbit hole.

bakraarkab said:

Some men are born posthumously (Nietzsche). So either Mathis is going to rock the world now or after a century. If later something must be done to keep his research safe.

scoutito said:

What, everyone is off to bed? & I am just signing in at work.
The veil has been lifted from my eyes, Last year my brother said to me-“what if nothing is real?” Then I found Miles & nothing IS real! The most shocking discovery was the Charles Manson story. That is so ingrained in America’s subconscious, the earthquake of truth has rattled my entire brain. — Still waking up, need 1 more cup of coffee.

Bryan M said:

Yeah, it was the Manson paper that was most convincing to me, too. Mostly, I think, because it was long and thorough, and focused on the Tate family and the zany theatrics. The theatrics in this case look *very super fake* to the eye, if the mind is even a little bit open to the possibility.

Later, shorter papers that focus more on genealogy are more efficiently produced, and go to the heart of things much more quickly, but are likely less convincing to a person who is coming at this stuff for the first time, like I was in 2017.

Toni said:

Wow, I’m so socially inept I missed Miles before he went to bed. It’s 2:30PM here in Italy and I just poured my glass of wine. I just wanted to say that if there was a real party with all of you people there in the physical, I think I know what I’d be doing. I’d sit in the corner for a long time just crying in emotional release and relief from feeling like I was in a community where I belonged. It would be embarrassing as hell, but I think there would be many who would understand. How often do you get to feel like anybody in the room has any of the same thoughts that you have? Well…like almost never.

Jan Rosbäck said:

I am always late to parties, just got my sixpack it was a 40 mile drive here and the moonshine is out. Check out Brendon O’Connell on Youtube he’s got a few ideas about MEast. Thanks Miles for filling up the big holes in the chemistry for me during the years, and I think one of your most important papers is the clarification of the equation a=v²/r. Not to mention all the other stuff, incredible work! Great party with interesting people and thinkers! The world is really changing and we are doing it ourselves.

I got the 3 signed books of Miles a few years ago and gave them to my son when he was doing his engineering at Chalmers here in Sweden. I just added; These books are a future, read them when you discover the lies.

Paul said:

MMathis da Painter,

Glad to see/read you’re partying. Enjoyed your past review of the movie “Turner” and all your Art articles, especially the Beat Generation as it confirmed why they left an after taste of being the ‘Emperor’s Clothes’. Will you eventually get around to write about John Singer Sargent? Yea, is nothing sacred.

GH said:

greetings from ireland. been following miles for a while now and now i’m constantly referring back to his work. his methodology is brilliant in its simplicity and i am constantly learning from him, especially in subjects which never quite made sense. i have sent him numerous emails in the past and he has always gotten back to me, even though he’s probably getting tonnes of emails from all corners of the earth.
thanks for providing this platform for the celebration of miles’ work. my favourite essays are still papa and beat. the more absurd our news cycle, the more people are starting to think twice. lets hope they can find their way to miles’ work and avoid the pitfalls laying in wait for them.

go raibh mile mile maith agat.

Patrick said:

North Florida representation checking in. Miles, I enjoy your occasional reference to Rick Gervais and the round headed mank Karl Pilkington. Sometimes a guy just needs a laugh, and all I have to do to find one is locate those two. Spooks or not, they’re funny guys, and if Karl’s weirdly quirky personality is just an act then he’s world class. One of my favorite bits of theirs is “Learn English with Ricky Gervais.”

This has all been great fun – thanks to all. Need to learn English? Here’s Ricky…

Brian Davis said:

I like this definition of an intellectual, “Someone who is capable of original thought”. It has nothing to do with holding right opinions. By this definition, Miles is an intellectual. Hey, you’ve been called worse! Keep writing, Miles.

Genevieve said:

I want to be included in the countdown! I’ve been reading the comments all afternoon, loving them, and happy to find so much praise for Miles. I, too, think him a genius. His blog is the only source I trust these days, and I check daily for new updates.

I love all your essays, Miles, including the genealogical ones — they’re so convincing and to me help solidify the truth. (Is the Pope Catholic? No, he’s Jewish.)

I hope it’s okay to mention, that in my mind, a book by Douglas Reed — The Controversy of Zion (1957) — gives the ideological background and impetus to how and why the Jews or more precisely Zionists have managed to steal everything: our futures, our assets, our potential, our careers, our freedom.

A toast to Miles

Grace said:

Whenever I hear of some alt media source (including but not limited to folks like John le Bon) giving a pass to the puppet masters who run the show saying they may have our best interests at heart trying to make it a better world, I want to scream “what bloody flippin world do you live in?” My whole peace of mind and childhood was stolen through projects such as JFK, MLK, RFK, Manson, Nightstalker, Ted Bundy- the list goes on.

Miles changed my life and helped me gain back inner freedom and piece of mind that was STOLEN from me and my generation and other generations. The truth has set me free and I am doing great! Thank you Miles Mathis.

Stacy Lewis said:

I really can’t remember how I found MWM but after I did I started downloading his work and putting it on my Kindle to read. I just went back and looked it was in 2016. Now I just read it online in between working cause I can’t wait.

My Aunt is a portrait artist and teaches across the US. Less now that she got colon cancer but still some places. She is a good person, church going, so there I can’t relate to with her but the real art we appreciate. I never understood the modern art thing and never had issues saying it was crap to anyone. My husband and I were at a trade-show in Vegas, went into a gallery. The salesgirl (bless her heart) started in on the meaning of the work and I looked at her and said it’s just crap.

I have tried to get my husband to read Mile’s papers but he’s not there yet. Although the other day he said I think your right modern art is $ laundering – not me but MM!

The world is their stage and a show. My husband is on board with the false flags – how could you not be? I’m slowly turning him on nothing gets done for the better all controlled opposition. No left and right. I’m still wrapping my mind around it all. The world is such a different view now on everything for that I thank you.

mswinkle said:

Hello Miles,

You have exposed the numerous cons. Obviously, their motive is profit, power and control. It seems they have been running this con in multiple countries for at least several hundred years. How hard do you think it is to pull this off in multiple countries, spanning centuries of time?

I use to think they faked our history to hide REAL TRUTH from us. Now it seems all they want to hide is that it has all been manipulated, one con after another to keep us busy from cradle to grave while the get more money, power and control. Do you think that is correct? Seems hard to believe it is possible without some major screw ups bring the charade down.

They obviously put out fake science, but if they know the truth what are they doing with all that information?

Thank you so much Miles. We are so lucky to have you

Vikinger said:

I’m no scientist, not a historian in particular, not even educated by the mainstream standards, I only have a degree in design that I completed late, in my 30s! I never much liked to go to school or listen to authorities. Not because I am some sort of a punk or an idiot but because I had a strong sense about the World and everything in it from the very beginning. I knew our World was screwed and most people in it since I was finger licking and toe tapping. I may not have a particularly high IQ, but I am emotionally intelligent. I was sad for most part of my life feeling the World around me. Although I am very happy person. If any of this makes any sense. Whilst I could not put things in their right place when I was young I perhaps lost the interest when I became older and rather entangled in others of not my own interests, misdirected, misled on to the path to self-destruction.

However, when I was introduced to Miles’ website I was drawn to it immediately from the first paragraph. Mind you, I had a few years of experience in conspiracies under my sleeve before that. Unlike Josh or many others I just didn’t need other authoritarian people or people with bullshit PHDs to confirm for me that Miles was genuine or original or onto something. But as Josh also put it, I just sensed it, I knew, I felt Miles and that he was a great man. His work brilliant, correct and genuine. So much so that I wrote him an email to thank him for his work and I never do that, or have only done so on one or two other occasions in my whole life.

Josh I don’t always agree with Miles either. I do share Miles work with anyone who wants to listen though, is prepared to learn something new, is open and not scared. People who are basically not useful idiots / pawns / people without a backbone / virus 🙂 The latter may be the people from my very group or immediate surrounding but they will still have to go down with the mainstream when the time comes however close to me they might be. It is that simple and harsh. We cannot take them forward with the rest of us, unfortunately. We cannot built a future with them. We need proud, conscience, strong human beings with morals and ethics, who question everything and can contribute to society, not take it away as the Miles’ subjects do. People like Josh for example, I call them Atlantic Jews, are my friends whereas my very own who supposed to understand the same way and see the World in the same light as me but are not, are enemies just like global Zionists and the slaves who help them stay on top for all these centuries.

Tony Barbieri said:

I found out about Miles Mathis perhaps 3 years ago. I think it was the Lennon paper and while I enjoy the theories about various historical events as well as his artwork, I especially got rocked by his physics contributions.

Now, I am 60 years old and I regret to say that much of his physics is over my head. Well, perhaps I could manage the intellectual rigor, but I don’t know. Life ain’t easy and I am tired. Anyway…

His repeated referral to The Copenhagen Confession – wow. Just wow. To me, that is the jugular. We have not had physics for over a century. (Have any of Mile’s opponents head-on addressed this colossal, near universal admission of defeat?) All we have is supra-esoteric mathematics designed to fit the experimental data. Really, how pathetic.

So Miles does what in retrospect seems obvious. Go with the simplest mechanical possibility. Spherical objects with stacked spins. Check out the double slit experiment as an example.

Now it is obvious that no way, no how are a bunch of positively charged particles going to be clustered in some nucleus. Or that like charged particles are going to bond with one another. Sell me a bridge! And so Miles has come up with a revolutionary model for the periodic table.

His unified theory work. The idea that mass is not a fully reduced term and reducing mass to a spherical object with radius r and a certain density.

I am open to the idea that Miles is the greatest physicist that ever lived. The scope of his achievements are just so vast.

OK, I am going to level one criticism and maybe I am missing something here. Miles has done wonderful work examining photographic evidence. With that in mind, I certainly thought that during the presidential election, Hillary Clinton had at least one double. That day she was dragged into a vehicle (she couldn’t even step into it, her feet were dragging along the ground as she was dragged into the vehicle). Then she showed up later that evening looking so vibrant and I did not think it was her.

So here is a presidential election and I simply fail to understand Miles’ sense of priority. I mean…can’t some examination of a couple of events that took place perhaps over 100 years ago take a back seat to examining someone poised to become the next president? A LOT of people thought Clinton had doubles. I waited for some examination from Miles, but no. Just never understood that.

Regardless, Miles is the real deal. Of that, I have zero doubt.

Jared Magneson said in response to Tony Barbieri:

I can’t speak for Miles, but myself found nothing interesting or enlightening about Hill-Dawg or Trump or Bernie or anyone since Ron Paul, in US politics. It’s all quite boring. It’s the same old-same old, the only difference being Trump “won” this time despite being the obvious idiot. I had predicted Hillary myself, but then she evidently got sick and The Bad Guys decided it’d be a lot funnier if they used Trump instead. It’s more of a comedy than a conspiracy. And it’s also misdirection – away from other topics that may be more important.

EVERY physics paper is more important than every political, conspiracy, or critique paper. Maybe more than all of them. Exposing lies and cultural obscenities is good work, I enjoy that tremendously as well, but in the long-range scheme of things the physics papers are far, far more important. Yes that’s my personal opinion. But to me, the other stuff is just good reading while I await the next science breakthrough – and work on my part of it, as I can. Often poorly but perhaps diligence will reap rewards.

Marty said:

Hey Miles, one of the most fun things in your papers is photo analysis. I enjoy looking at the photos and seeing if I can find any fake indications before reading your take on them. This caused me to read up on perspective, computer vision, art history related to perspective, lenses and optics etc. Now I’m often able to spot fakes in my own reading. Once or twice I’ve seen errors in photos that you didn’t think were worth mentioning. For example, there’s a picture of the von Braun sisters in a Hitler paper where girls in the deep foreground and background are all in impossibly sharp focus. At least so I recall.

I now think that standards for fakes were very low during the chemical film era. It’s interesting that in this age of powerful image processing, many digital paste ups are still crap. Anyway, please keep in mind that both painting analysis and photo analysis are fascinating to many of us readers. (Besides making good evidence.)

Michelle said:

Miles, you have an amazing mind! You tackle subjects/questions in the most unique way. I have learned a great deal from you, truly. There are moments where I say out loud “that’s not what I thought at all” about certain facts you dig up in your papers… and these facts are all out in the open but I just couldn’t put it together. The way you approach questions is key for me. From you, I learned to throw away my preconceived ideas and all presuppositions. You have opened my mind, but not so open that the brain falls out. You have made me question EVERYTHING and “never assume”. It’s hard to know who is controlled opposition and who is really opposition. Most of it is controlled from what I can see.

After reading all these posts from other people like myself, I feel much less lonely. Thanks to all the party goers here. I don’t know anyone else who has the guts enough to question the official mainstream narratives (other than my husband and 13 year old daughter, and I’m lucky I have them I can talk to).

Honestly, I’ve made people very turned off even questioning climate change or any of the other crap sold to them. I smile and nod, I am polite and say nothing instead of the futile discussion of the hard truths. My dearest cousin just became a Rosicrucian last year and was ranting on about it. You know the type who loves to be a ‘know-it-all’ but really knows nothing? It took a lot of strength to listen to this nonsense and not tell her the information from the Rosicrucian paper Miles wrote. It’s simple: most people really don’t want to know. I should send her the paper now because she already hates me for something else I said, but I don’t really care that much. When someone is lecturing me about what the news program told them: I tell myself to smile and nod, then go read a Miles Mathis paper and tell my husband all about it.

We are homeschooling our middle school age daughter because we witnessed what was happening to her in the public school years ago. My daughter’s 3rd grade teacher kept insisting the children don’t need to memorize the multiplication tables anymore for math, she said this repeatedly with a straight face and I think she believed it. That was one of many moments I felt like I was living in The Twilight Zone. Whatever they are doing in school all day, it’s not academic. The standardized testing is really behavioral & psychometric tests masquerading as academic, I have real examples from my daughter. The difference between my child and her public school friends is really noticeable now. After 4 years of homeschooling, I know I saved her precious mind and changed her future for the better. Her friends from school even have the dead eyed look now, like they have no soul or something. We live 10 minutes from Parkland FL so I enjoyed that paper as well, especially the fake environmentalist who are really land developers and news moguls.

Also, Miles, I appreciate your art very much. If I had money, I would buy several of your paintings and pencil drawings. I can’t express how lovely they are! My mother has a masters degree in art, so needless to say she actually hung up the phone on me when I was telling her about modern art. The brainwashing is too strong and my mother short-circuited and was furious with me. Too funny. Anyway, you have a real gift and I thank you for sharing it! You are elevating the quality of my life! Thank you. Don’t ever stop.

Best regards, Michelle in FL

PS: The male gaze is wonderful. My husband is a fine art photographer (old school with film, not digital) and I have been his model many times. There is nothing else on earth like being viewed as a muse and subject of beauty. It’s a turn on and I love it. What is wrong with these women who don’t like the male gaze? They must hate themselves, and I can’t even relate!

Ken Ng said:

I support Miles Mathis one hundred percent because I use his nuclear charge channels gaining a lot of insights and getting breakthrough applications. Cheers.

Coachella said:

Long time Miles reader enjoy all his papers! Very unfortunate that this much time was wasted on trolls but lies and deception are there only defense! Keep up the truth! Thanks

Caroline said:

Don’t agree with everything that Miles writes, but I find his research fascinating and i love his writing style. I’ve also emailed him once or twice and he has always given a charming reply! I’m a fan!!

Sven Swenson said:

Wow. Some serious stamina here by the party crowd. Either that, or somebody swapped out the keg of Schlitz Malt Liquor with Coor’s Light.

Thanks to Josh, I’ve now lost my excuse for not looking over Miles’ science papers. I’ve avoided these for a number of reasons, including the fact my background is in earth sciences (meteorology, climatology, imagery systems) so I have less interest in those because I already “know” those fields. With all the praise during this party about the science papers though, I felt somewhat I had been missing the boat, but in the back of my mind I knew that to crack open these topics, it would probably require me to attempt to unlearn all that I’ve been programmed to know.

And, indeed, that appears to be the case. Since the party started, I’ve read a few, and now I can see this is going to take some work. I read the moon cool paper, thought to myself, hmmmm, that makes sense BUT running an experiment to determine the effect of moonlight’s cooling would entail some serious effort. I started to think about incoming shortwave and outgoing longwave radiation, humidity, upper air flow, and micro-meteorological factors, and I thought maybe that’s another rabbit hole I’ve got to avoid. But that’s what I was taught back in college.

So then I read the paper on Solar cycles. Whoa. Not only does it make a lot of sense, it brings up the cycles related to astrology, which until recently I always thought was totally bogus. If I understand that paper at all, some of the cooling that’s been observed over the last few years makes sense, but by 2021 or 2022 that reverses to the other extreme, and the climate will be getting toasty again. But then I thought, well, that’s assuming weather is affected by sunspot activity, so maybe there’s something else to unlearn there.

Then I started to read the paper on lift, referenced in his paper he just published on the Magnus effect. Oh man. Now we’re got to dive into some fluid dynamics (nice picture of the Thunderbirds, BTW). And that’s about the limit I can handle for now. That paper is going to take me a while to go through, not because it’s so dauntingly technical, but because it’s very difficult for me to unleash all my preconceived (read programmed) notions about it. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Miles brings much neater and cleaner explanations to the table, no matter what topic is at hand.

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this kind of experience reading Miles’ work, but for me the history, genealogy and art topics were much more easily digested, as my frame of reference was much less rigid.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Miles has quite an exceptional ability to “connect the dots”, and communicate very effectively with his writing. Reading through his material I kept saying to myself, “How the hell does an artsy-fartsy type keep everything so logical?” (Answer – because he’s an all-purpose artist)

About the only character traits I share with him are the non-tolerance of BS and the search for truth, no matter how ugly. I grew up with two older brothers who used to tease the hell out of me, and I was conditioned early on to ignore their lies. But even though I was cynical and suspected money was the true driver behind many problems today, I had no clue to the extent of the fraud until I started going through Miles’ work. The level of propaganda is mind-boggling.

My world has gone from a glass that’s half-empty, to one that’s now 9/10ths empty, but the milk has been replace a fine porter, so it’s been a worthwhile trade-off.

Jake Taylor said:

I’m not sure if anyone else has had this kind of experience reading Miles’ work I’m guessing we’ve all had an experience very similar to that, I know mine was just a series of jaw drops which eventually turned into acceptance. I mean you don’t expect it to make sense, so when it does it’s a gobsmack

evanshually said:

Hi, long-time fan of MM here from Sydney Au. It does my heart good to see a whole heap of like-minded intelligent people, aware of ‘the situation’ & dealing with the troll problem like it’s water off a duck’s back. Very refreshing.

For me, the most significant thing about Miles is not his science, history or genealogy. Or his writing skills. It’s been his insight into the art world. People have gone into those other areas before; but I don’t think anyone as yet has offered such an interpretation as Miles has about both the true nature of art and its recent history being twisted and deformed into what we now know as mainstream modern art.

But whereas Miles is a true Renaissance man, I am just a specialist in the jazz world. I only have one field I feel competent to discuss. It simply amazes me that one man can have all that he has; but then I have not done any real work in any other area, so it figures. Then again, I have to remind myself I live in the anitpodes where there are not (m)any outlets for such like-minded people to even communicate, let alone actually meet together in person. I can only say, I wish the world had a lot more MMs around.

So when I take this new information and mindset Miles has kindly disseminated about the art world, and apply it to the jazz world, a lot of things fall into place. I can suddenly see the music scene, especially the jazz world, as now making sense. The reasons why these idiots* (*musicians who play stuff that bears completely no resemblance to jazz in any way whatsoever) keep getting promoted, for one. You see many years ago, when I was very young, I subconsciously decided that “all this was shit” – meaning what the media and even other people were telling me about these supposedly great modern jazz artists. Somehow I knew it all all crap, but I didn’t understand the processes involved, and I didn’t understand the reasons WHY people would do this. Why they would want to flip the meaning of what any reasonable person would call ‘jazz’ – on purpose? Well, thanks to Miles, now I know; they have to keep moving the goalposts so they can squeeze in their unsuspecting useful idiots and at the same time disparage the real good stuff, somehow dismissing music that is only 50 years old as being ‘out of date’. They don’t want to see jazz as an art form that existed for about 30 years or so, like most other art forms. They don’t want to believe that a skilled musician can make that ‘old’ music come alive, just like one could a 300 year old piece by Bach. Art does not ‘progress’, but they don’t want you to know it.

So now, after about 30 years or so, I am kind of rediscovering my reasons for disbelieving the bullshit in the first place. That is mainly what I have to thank Miles for.

Nina said:

Mathis made me more discerning thanks to his article “Boycott Everything.” I hope to read more like it!

esparragow said:

Hi all, I’m a fan of Mathis from Spain, talking about his ideas whenever i can with friends, family and forums.

I discovered Mathis’ works through a link to his famous “Pi =4” paper in 2015 and later research showed me he was genuine, though a bit scary.

Up to now I have not been too successful in convincing others of his many truths. Propaganda is strong everywhere and Spain is no exception. Also I’m not qualified to explain his physics ideas when confronted with graduate people on that matter. Most of the people ask which profession does he have and don’t want to know more when I tell them he is an artist. Reading first and making an opinion later is not on their agenda. Titles, credentials, that’s all there is to them, sad but true.

Not to say about his “conspiracy writings”, that’s beyond them. All in all I did have a bit of success, one well known conspiracy divulgator talk about Miles paper on Stephen Hawking in a popular podcast right after I published a post on a forum. Btw that’s one of my favourite papers and the reason I started to read the rest of the work of Mathis in that matter.

As usual time will tell but, wright or wrong, Mathis is a brilliant divulgator, a gifted person who makes you question everything around the world we live in…

Wish I had taken the blue pill though, life would be easier 🙂

Greetings from Spain

Chris Law said:

I’ve been reading the appeal judgement for the Manson murders… and recently finished Miles’ corking expose of that whole rigmarole. I, Chris Law, of no significant or insignificant achievements beyond still breathing today, stand for Miles Mathis. Anyone who doesn’t is frankly suspect, in terms of their critical faculties, or their loyalties.

Paul Bennett said:

I first heard about Miles from Peter Klein, who did a video on the whole Helter Skelter psyop. He was very careful in his analysis, but he made it clear that he was simply reanalyzing Miles’ work. I was very impressed by Peter’s video, and so I quickly perused Miles’ site. I was shocked by his conclusions, put off by his detailed reviews of family trees, and so I went away. However, I could not get past the fact that the Manson murders were a fake. I could not get around it. I realized of course, like so many others, that 911 and OK City was controlled demolition. It’s clear that modern mass media features fake news, at least from time to time. However, if Manson was an actor, that was a big wedge for me. That is not recent news, and furthermore the psyop happens to correspond with the conclusions of another of my favorite writers, E Michael Jones.

E Michael Jones’ conclusion is that the Sexual Revolution was a contrived event and that the psyop was brought to a traumatic conclusion with the Manson murders. Well, anyone who can keep up with E Michael Jones, and especially hit his conclusions from an entirely different direction, is well worth re-examination. Miles’ body of work is large, and each article is so chock full of valuable information and shocking insight that it takes a while to digest, especially at first. When you read Miles from the point of view of a typical TV-watching American, it is quite a large pill to swallow. But bit by bit, starting with the easy ones, I was able to understand and evaluate for myself the incredible claims he routinely makes.

I am a conservative Catholic. You might even say a Paleo Catholic. I am an engineer by training, and a pedantic thinker. I do not have brilliant flashes of insight. I slog through the basics until I reach an undeniable conclusion. I could not be farther from Miles by training or by inclination. To find Miles lining up conclusion by conclusion with E Michael Jones, and to find myself verifying each bold claim time and time again was a heavy psychological burden for me at first. But the fact is, truth is truth. Where Miles is weak is where I am strongest, and so I can lightly overlook his stunted theology. What he is strongest at: there is simply no one that can compare with him. I hesitate to correct him on his theology simply because I am still digesting his works. While I can see that his strengths are in other areas, his existing work is proof enough of his genius. I don’t expect perfection in everything, and I don’t want to distract him from his true calling, which is far from finished.

Miles has revealed a dark underpinning to modern civilization that no one else has come close to approaching before. He has already revealed so much fake news and fake science that it will take many lifetimes to unravel what actually happened and why. However, his instincts are so on-target and his methods are so amazingly effective that after a while I simply take for granted that he will explode my mind again. And yet his methods can be learned, his insights can be predicted. I know that the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a big fake. It’s obvious to me now, even though Miles has mentioned it only in passing. The fake news playbook is thin and there are many generations of fake news that reveal the same patterns and suspects time after time after time. Fake news is now a snap for me to predict, read and to dispose of.

For me, the arc of world history is one that is aimed dead-on at the Catholic Church. Of course it would be, since She is the only supernatural institution on the planet. I know Miles would strongly disagree with this. I also know that I could convince him of the truth, and furthermore I know it is my duty to make him understand. However, I am in no hurry to waylay him. I want him to focus on what he does best: tearing down the facade of lies that control all of humanity, including all Catholics. How can we see God’s actions in history when history itself is faked? We need to understand how we got here before we can chart a course out of the maze.

Miles is a gift from God for a guy like me. I needed him to poke a hole in what I was only beginning to suspect was a canvas. Once the truth has been revealed there is no going back. I can’t unsee what I have seen though his works. I really could not thank him enough for what he has given me. I feel like I have lived my life believing that 2+2=5 and now that I know the truth, I will never be the same. I can only good-naturedly pity the folks around me who still parrot the old equations as though they were beyond question. It’s a tremendous relief to me that the evil perpetuated by my fellow humans has been wildly exaggerated and that the only way we can be turned into beasts is with a constant barrage of filthy lies. The fear (and prepping) that sapped my energy is finished. I am now better balanced, better focused, and better prepared to deal with whatever the future sends my way. Because I know the truth now.


John Fry said:

Hey Miles, congratulations on your victory. I think your Pi = 4 work might gain a wider audience if people could easily demonstrate it to themselves, in addition to reading the theory. It’s the most controversial of the many papers I’ve discussed with friends and acquaintances. My initial thought, after seeing the ball-bearing video, was that the experiment could possibly be done with colored fluid, pushed by a syringe through IV tubing, with a simple Y-splitter separating the straight run from the circular one. If so, there would be less chance for an argument about friction or unlevel surface. Crowd-funding to put a demonstration kit in every school comes to mind. If the same principles are in play with fluid in motion, it would be a quick and easy setup and demo, repeatable in a short time and requiring a small surface area. It’s also possibly the easiest entry into so many other subjects. I’ve been putting off just trying it myself, but now that I’m thinking about it again, maybe this next week I’ll know.

bill haber said:

I have been reading both the science and writings sites for some time. The writings are fascinating for variety and depth. The science site is a little beyond my humble engineering education but I am finding no errors and quite a few Ah Ha moments. I plan to duplicate the pi=4 ball in the tube experiment in the near future, since it is fairly simple and within my means. Keep up the good work and maybe the slow students (myself included) will catch up in time to be useful. Thanks, Bill

Madame Peepadoo said:

Commendations on providing so much brain-food for us to munch over the years. I greatly respect your mind, Miles. 🙂

helios22 said:

Hi Miles just a quick hello from France where there are many people reading your work and even some of us translating it!

Sorin said:

I’m a bit late to the party, but I just wanted to drop in and let Miles know how much I appreciate his work.

We’ve only exchanged a few emails. I’ve been following you since your days at the ARC when I was in high school. I’m 31 now. I remember printing out your art papers back then so I could study them and I still have them saved in a file box. They’re one of a kind and so real and refreshing in this fake world. They’re always valuable and enjoyable to read, and I always got a good laugh here and there.

I always look forward to your new papers and I’ve pretty much been here for the whole ride on your art and events site over the last 15 years or so. I’ve read your physics stuff too. A lot of it honestly goes over my head, but I do enjoy the humor and insights about the world you include.

I don’t have much, but I’ll be sending a donation when I get paid.

Many thanks Miles

andrea said:

let me tell you, how I found MM. I was looking into astrophysik for personal interest. I was trying to calculate if it possible to go to the moon (to me a more intersting topic than discussing the apollo pictures). i had problems with the orbit so i searched if anyone had found similar issues. and bang!!! there is Miles with hundreds of other problems. i like the science site and discovered the rest later. which is also impressive. to pi=4 i would like to say, it was shocking to me, but i don’t need an experiment. logic and math are sufficient. Miles, when people attack you on pi i react strongly, like with an allergy! it takes little math to get it (of course after you showed the solution).

about the fake events i can add that a lot of local news – car accidents and others – are faked!! very easy to spot. i guess they train all the time for the bigger ones. cheers to all and good night!

Boris Tabaksplatt said:

Congratulations Miles, this is some party! Double celebration for me as after several months of trying I’ve managed to convince my son that Pi=4. and managed to put the first dent in his belief that science is mostly settled. Thanks for opening my eyes to what’s really going on and I’m doing my best to spread the word. Please keep up the good work.

wesrobking57 said:

Hi, I left a brief message of support before and have sent some brief research/questions/small objections to Miles before.

I wanted to leave a longer message now that I have the time. I came across Miles’s stuff on Laurel Canyon and serial killers (different papers) first, and I was lead there mostly by Dave McGowan’s research. McGowan and Mathis come to somewhat different conclusions on several matters, but I felt that both of their insights were really valuable.

I have not read a better take-down of the Apollo program than McGowan. That said, I more agree with Mathis that the serial killer thing was mostly a hoax. McGowan thought that it was a cover for CIA/military intelligence murders for one reason or another.

That said, even though I approached his work on the conspiracy side, I became a huge supporter of Miles because of his physics papers. I was educated (somewhat) in physics and mathematics, but I work as a literature professor. Miles cleared up several things for me that I had always had questions about. I never understood why physics dealt so much in what seemed to me as mysticism and bad philosophy. I appreciate that Miles does so much analytical thinking but that he takes to the time to write in a way that is very educational and approachable. I feel like I have answers to things now that were mystifying, strange, and obscure for me before.

It is funny to me that all of the “take-downs” of Miles always write off/avoid the physics. Basically, once someone says that Miles’s physics is over his or her head–and is trying to take him down–I know that we are dealing with a shill, agent, or useful idiot. If you have absolutely nothing to say about the physics, then why should I listen to you?

I have looked for a long time for responses to Miles’s physics, and everything I have found is very weak. It is basically ad hominem attacks and appeals to authority. Or just an expression of shock that Pi might be 4 (in physical situations). Since I find Miles’s work so convincing, but am not an expert, I have been looking for something to show me it is wrong. Currently, that demonstration doesn’t exist, as far as I know.

I also find it kind of funny that people could think that the number of pages is impossible. Miles is definitely on the high end of the productive side, but if you write everyday for years you can get a page count approaching those numbers (granted, few would be nearly as rigorous as Miles). It just makes me think that these attackers have never really worked too hard on anything.

The historical research is very good, and Miles has taught me a lot. I think he is mostly right, but sometimes I feel like the genealogy stuff is too much of a shorthand. I am more convinced by the analyses of the actual events, his photo analysis, and other aspects of his overall narrative. This is a small quibble, and maybe it will all bear out. I have done a lot of conspiracy research–for a much smaller audience (but thousands of pages)–and though I am seeing many of the same kind of things he is seeing, I have different methodologies, though many in the same vein. I more focus on a few things that are meant, I feel, to tap into the unconscious. But, ok, whatever…

In my own professional field, I have been somewhat annoyed by the way that Mathis has called out a few people that I teach. He convinced me, though, of why Whitman is shit (this matched how I felt when I was much younger and reading Whitman for the first time). I kind of teach it that way now. Twain is much harder to let go of (much more interesting and insightful). I think that Twain is still telling a lot of truth and maybe outing some things (but this requires more thought).

At any rate, if you are still reading this, Miles, your writing has had a huge impact on me for the last several years. I believe you are who you say you are… what you are saying is rational, supported by evidence, honest, and true.

– Wes King

Nick said:

Hi Miles,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and the papers you’ve written. The first paper I read was the paper about Stephen Hawking, who’s commonly referred to as The Imposterbot around at my house now. The Hiller paper also blew my mind and I’ve enjoyed many of the other papers as well. The same goes for Josh’ and the papers he’s written. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed those too and the papers on your site are a regular topic of discussion between my roommate and me. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading your future papers.

Joseph Patrick

I’ve been lurking here since the 14th and probably account for half the visits from Brazil.

I’ve read with great interest every non-science essay at Miles’ site. I was going to write a long comment (and have been composing one in my head for days) but prefer to just say thank you to Miles for all his hard work and courage. Keep ’em coming. I check every day.

Josh, thank you as well. Your Gandhi essay was brilliant. I also very much appreciate this post and comment thread. Nice to know I have friends out there I’ve never met.

Mark A Carter said:

I love reading Miles Mathis writings!

Olioll Olum said:

I became aware of Miles’s work while he was tearing apart the art world. Actually, toward the tail end of that era. I’d check in every couple of weeks until the Tate article. After that, I’d check in every couple of days. And I’d tell anybody who’d listen they NEED to check out his website. And I really feel people need to check him out. Unfortunately, to a lot of people, the subject matter creates massive cognitive dissonance, and they return to what is comfortable, to their own detriment, in my opinion.

Miles’s unique perspective and brilliant photo analysis has had a profound impact on my life. One way is, I no longer spend hours reading the news, trying to figure out what the eff is going on. If anything, I’ll spend maybe 15 minutes scrolling through a news feed, and even that is becoming a bit much. I’m not the best communicator when emailing, especially if I’ve been drinking, and I can tell you the guy can be a tad surly. But I don’t blame him. It would be hard to be exposing so much stuff, stuff that powerful people would rather remain hidden, and not become downright paranoid. Anyway, I tip my hat to the guy. He’s fucking brilliant. And I thank him for sharing, and not keeping this to himself, or just his close friends or family.

Runar said:

So what did i like about MM’s writings? I particularly like those about Marx, Engels and Owens, but also on the other side of “liberalism” Benjamin Franklin and co. Plus Hitler and Mussolini. But i was not new to the great fraud, i had already written an article on Marx – called Marxism a bluff, never meant to function. This was only based upon the internal logic of their ideology. I had seen Marx outed as a close relative of Rothschild, but that was Metapedia, and could i use them as a reference? Not really, they didn’t bring up much sources, so they are and will be very easy to dismiss as the usual antesemites. Also i had long ago looked up the members of Hitlers government and seen they were very far from Arians. They are actually Silk road people. But all these people mentioned are my concern, as I would like to help to punctuate the “liberalist” political system, so I was fascinated how MM managed to create highly readable essays based upon genealogy which were convincing. So, I too, wonder where the professional historicians are.

MM provides an opening into an age old theatrical fraud which have plenty of loose threads allowing others to pull and form own views and stories. It sure isn’t finished here. Look at the magazine shelves in shops. All the history mags are easy to sort out as the usual propaganda. But this is directed to common people and are together with tv their common source of info. Of course i liked the Manson and Tate papers. That was old shit at last shoveled out. Also the O.J. trial was very fine reading. I never cared to follow it when it happened as it obviously was some noise sending. But it was a revelation that it was ALL faked. When i read it i also saw a rerun of a 6 episode long on OJ which was quite so telling, as it was made by Jews, and I thought – wouldnt it be nice to relaunch this with comments based upon MMs essay? Nicoles sister was filmed several times, but always in that strange profile, looking away from the camera.

I was not so surprised to find out Politicians and actors were spooks as to see the serial killer stuff was all made up. You might add up Sebag Montefiore as a part of this theatre or maybe just their great fan as he writes about State leaders committing massacres plus lesser known killers in his book Monsters. When this person appeared in a history program i just had to look him up, as he had an appearance as an animated pile of cloth. Spooky.

John Cooke said:

As a grade schooler in the 60’s standing at attention in line on the playground while the anthem was played through the loudspeaker daily – if only I could have had enough intelligence to put together the pieces of the puzzle like MM did on his paper regarding Ben Franklin, not to mention JFK, MLK, Lincoln, Manson, atomic bomb, etc. What a difference those years and my later years would have been, but of course, public school indoctrination would not have allowed it. I read these papers over and over and am stunned by MM’s intelligence and memory. The output is staggering and incredibly impressive! The human role in polluting the planet is real, but the pollution of the human mind is truly sad. Hopefully, we will overcome, one individual at a time.

Ihatestarwars said:

Perhaps a poll of the best Miles Mathis paper to finish off the comments (if there is to be one)? Some of my favorites include Tate, JFK, Hiller, Napoleon, Elvis, Lennon, Lenin, etc.

Thedirtdervish said:

This is proof that there does indeed exist a massive conspiracy to force people under the catch penny spell of the anti-mind, a mind that is hateful, cynical, and frivolous rather then blasphemous. The result of this mighty effort is to promote the notion that great influential human beings are done for, as is God- (all that is genuine, sweet and pure) and all the great revelations can simply be found in the frothy nothingness of now.

Yet, to illustrate with clarity any moral truth, to disturb pet prejudices, to apply the blow of the hammer to widespread superstitions-this is to render a nobel service especially to the rare, individual, open and curious minds… For ages we have been moving down, and now we begin our slow ascent.

nada101 said:

Peep!” and “Honk!” Keep exposing the gits, and thank you for teaching us to think for ourselves. Your work, including Josh’s, is simply incredible: whether taking down an entire fake century or two (or even a millennium for goodness sake!?!); or exposing the likes of the Smedley-medley.

Dana said:

I love charge field parties!!! Sorry I’m late, I archived your website and read it offline mostly. I guess that’s how I usually miss parties. Long time reader, first time responder. I first saw Miles Mathis about 15+/- years ago when I was researching the best realist artists for oil painting inspiration. How surprised was I to return recently in my quest for a unified theory of physics. By the way, you need more links between your physics and conspiracy sites, it took me forever to find the good dirty dirt. Would have been a nice light read in between all the mind-bending mathematics.

In other news, I know Miles to be the real deal. He is a high level INTj. A rare person for sure with unlimited potential of the mind.

satya said:

I’d say he’s one of the most important researchers out there, he’s laid out the basic blueprint. Once you see through their strategies, it’s very easy to identify the players and their agenda. I’ve been red-pilling friends and the results are fun to observe.

Suggestion to other readers – trolling goes both ways. Drop his links everywhere, all social media sites, blogs etc. Include an intriguing message… link directly to potent articles or the update page. Troll all the YT spook channels that focus on misdirection.

I will also set up a summary page on my site, this will feature short snippets of an article, then link to his site. I expect to link to about 20 of his pieces. This can be addressed in many ways – bundle it with a few solid researchers, and feature all their work. This is how I was red-pilled back in 2001 – down the rabbit hole I went. But Miles… YOU sent me into that rare place of clarity. Thank you. John lash is doing similar work, relating to the muses. Both are expressing at genius levels… We can all express at this level when consciousness expands… and this is how it works. Waking up.

Daniel P Malpas said:

My name is Danny Malpas, born and raised in Manchester, UK but now live 30 miles away in Bradford. I work in the field of demolition which got me interested in 9/11. I am only concerned with the discovery of truth wherever it lies and I have very little time for bullshit. I have been sifting through this epic mountain of shite for about 15 years looking for the brass and my cynical, evidence-based summarised conclusion is that EVERYTHING is bullshit.

Miles Mathis’s work is the first thing i have ever come across that didn’t fall into this category. His greatest gift to me was to turn the mountain of shite into a volcano of shite, which then erupted and blew all the shite away leaving a set of shiny brass balls.

For the few of us who respect integrity, i think we have a duty to understand, preserve and disseminate MM’s work. Perhaps we owe it to his legacy or our own. It would only take a sub basement Langley IT goof 5 minutes to erase all trace of his digital presence.

He is, without doubt, a kick ass legend and we are fortunate to live in his time. But we must remember, he is our teacher not a celebrity and we are all vulnerable to a well timed malnourished critique. We should support him where we can. Sadly, i reckon he will only get his just rewards after he has left us. This seems to be the way of things.

Happily, I seem to be in the company of kindred souls here and one day i hope to contribute, in some kind of meaningful way, to peel back a few more layers. To build upon his foundations and framework.

peeppeep said:

peep, love you guys, thank you miles

daddysteve said:

daddysteve sez peep.

Tawanyh L. Guevara Rozin said:

I basically visit Miles site every day. First, to check for updates; when there are no updates, I brush up on previous articles or meditate serenely with the company of his paintings, which are a feast for the eyes and inner self.

Beautiful to see all of this support. Greetings from Mexico.

STUD said (quoting Bilbo Baggins’ veiled tribute to Aragorn in LoTR):

All that is gold does not glitter;
all that is long does not last;
All that is old does not wither;
not all that is over is past

Not all that have fallen are vanquished;
a king may yet be without crown,
A blade that was broken be brandished;
and towers that were strong may fall down