Here’s a quickie I did to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of Yizhak Rabin’s alleged assassination on Nov. 4th. Miles Mathis published it at his site, with some juicy additions of his own and upgrades to my fauxto analysis. Link is below the fold:

Was the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin a Hoax?

From the opening:

November 4th marks the 22nd anniversary of the alleged assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. You may recall that Rabin won the Nobel Prize in 1994 for signing the Oslo accords with Yasser Arafat and Shimon Peres. He is still widely remembered as the “soldier of peace” who would have brought an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. . . if only he hadn’t been killed by a right-wing nut-job named Yigal Amir in an attempt to derail the peace process.

The assassination took place at night, just after Rabin had addressed a huge
peace rally held to support the Oslo accords in the face of virulent right-wing opposition. After the rally, as Rabin made his way down the steps from the speakers’ platform, Amir approached and shot him from behind. He was brought to a nearby hospital and died on the operating table, despite the doctors’ best efforts. All of this is well known, documented on videotape and firmly established by the Shamgar Commission, which investigated the assassination. It was named after its chairman, Israeli Supreme Court justice Meir Shamgar. Sort of like the Warren commission, except here they mock us by openly advertising that it was a sham.

Would it surprise you to learn that there are at least half a dozen conspiracy
theories swirling around Rabin’s assassination? It surprised me. When I first heard of them, I didn’t know how to make sense of all the anomalies, contradictions, and impossibilities that these theories lay bare, let alone sift
through the plausibility of different claims about who was behind it all. Some of these theories hold that Rabin was killed because he was about to pull the plug on the peace process, and the people behind the plot didn’t want that, for various reasons. It didn’t seem the least bit plausible. I mean, if that was their goal they seem to have achieved the exact opposite: his murder derailed the peace process, didn’t it?

I learned of those theories before I had ever heard of Miles Mathis or read his
papers on the hoaxed assassinations of JFK and Lincoln. Thanks to him, now I
do know how to make sense of it all, and in this (hopefully) short paper I’m going to explain why I think the Rabin assassination was another hoax. If you are convinced by the end, great. If not, can’t blame a guy for trying.