Came across this video I just had to share. It’s an extended advertisement for combat training from “Stu Steagall Strategic Operations,” promoting the benefits of “Hyper Realism Produces Stress Inoculation.” It’s a video of surprisingly realistic training operations, involving all kinds of realistic-looking fake wounds, fake dismemberment, fake weapons, and fake explosions. The idea is that if you train soldiers in an environment like this, they will perform better under stress because the hyper-realistic experience has inoculated them.

If you were ever going to convince someone that the government is capable of hoaxing something like the Boston Bombing, this is it. Notice how similar the explosions are in this video to the ones we saw in Boston. Actually the top comment on the video right now is from PeekayBoston: “This is all fake and yet looks 100% real. Boston was all fake and looks 0% real.” He’s right. They could have done much better. The should increase the budget for moulage artists.

Before I post it, I want to make an observation:

As I was writing up the title, it struck me that one of the goals of psyops like Vegas and Boston is exactly to inoculate us. I’ve noticed on other sites like pieceofmindful and reddit, people are remarking on how everyone seems to have moved on from Vegas only a week later. It is both true and remarkable. People have become inoculated to this kind of violence. No, I should not have stated that in the passive voice: people are being deliberately inoculated to it. To what end, I wonder?

And on top of that, they are being inoculated to the expansion and institutionalization of the police state. With each new event, we are becoming more and more inoculated to, and thereby accepting of, an incredibly repressive form of government. We all remember how they shut down the Boston area during the hunt for their imaginary bombers, with people cowering in their houses while militarized police units patrolled the curfew; something similar happened in France when they declared Martial Law after one of their events and so teased a roll-out of a police state. Or, I guess I should say, état policier. Perhaps our desensitization to mass violence is just an unavoidable side effect of massaging our bodies and minds to embrace the police state, along with other goals. At least, I certainly hope they’re not trying to desensitize us to real mass violence.

Edit: It occurred to me that the reason these fake events don’t look more realistic is that they are also inoculating people to fakery, sort of dumbing them down little by little.