Putting those numbers together gives you 91101 (aka 9/11/01). Spook markers abound in this psyop. To give but one example, the alleged gunman, Stephen Paddock, owned 47 weapons, 33 of which were purchased this year. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a numerology post. Instead, I’m going to just point to a few things that I feel haven’t gotten a great deal of attention or that I thought were very telling. The first thing has to do with Stephen Paddock. 

Here are some of the pictures we are shown of him:

But in this video someone on youtube has been able to find background information using Instant Checkmate on a Stephen C. Paddock whose address in Mesquite, NV is the same address given for the shooter. And guess what? It isn’t the same guy! Here is the pic they found:


I tried doing the same thing with Instant Checkmate, but at the end they ask you to pony up $15, and I decided it wasn’t worth it. I went to the linked in profile, but the picture is no longer up. I did download the video, and if you find the original link is dead, please leave a comment here so I can try to fix it (same with all the other links). Without an implied endorsement of anything else this Youtuber has done, here is the video:

Is she simply mistaken? I don’t think so. So what about the guy who is all over the news? No idea. Maybe just some guy who died recently and they’re borrowing his identity for this psyop. On the other hand, the guy they’re showing us on the news does resemble Stephen’s alleged brother, Eric (who by the way looks very Jewish). So maybe the guy they’re showing us is one of the other brothers, either Patrick or Bruce. Or, maybe it’s just  couple of guys, possibly brothers, who have assumed the identities of Eric and Stephen.

OK, next up: Stephen Paddock’s father, Benjamin. He served in the Navy in WWII, although we aren’t told in what capacity. Here is a guy who was allegedly a serial bank robber who spent a record time on the FBI’s most wanted list–nearly 8 years–until finally being arrested in Oregon. Newsweek tells us that “It was not immediately clear what happened after that arrest.” In fact, if you scan all the mainstream news articles on this, it’s hard to get an answer. I had to go through well over a dozen articles. The answer is … none. He didn’t serve any time other than presumably being held in jail awaiting trial. Mind you he was put on the FBI’s most wanted list after escaping a 20-year prison sentence by breaking out of Federal prison and described as a dangerous psychopath. In 1987 he was brought up on seven racketeering charges and was let off with a stiff fine. “My view is let him go…and good riddance” said the judge.

To cut to the chase here, this Benjamin Paddock has all the biographical markings of a spook, albeit a minor one. I seriously doubt he committed the crimes of which he is accused. He also has a coveted “get out of jail free card.”

Here is his Wikipedia picture, which is taken from his FBI most-wanted photo:


It looks…off. Like it was cut out of its background and pasted onto this non-background. The poor cutting is especially noticeable around the ears. Also the shadow under his chin looks too crisp–it doesn’t really taper off; it just ends. And what’s up with his nose? Especially the left side (our left). Here is a side-by-side with him later in life:

Benjamin Hoskins Paddock

We don’t know much about the Paddocks’ genealogy, but thanks to Kevin, we do know that Benjamin Paddocks’ grandmother was Maria Koehn (which is just a variant spelling of the Jewish surname Cohen). “Her brothers Frederick and Henry owned the controlling interest in the American Manufacturing Company of Sheboygan Wisconsin, which employed 500 workers.”

That’s already enough to go on, but if we trace back further we find surnames like Folger, Foster, Benjamin, Moore, Palmer and Eddy, and firstnames like Ira, Aaron, Enoch, Elijah, Deborah and Judah. At this page, we find a Stephen Paddock from Nantucket marrying a Eunice Coffin in 1751.

The 18th-century Stephen is the great-grandson of Zachariah Paddock through one of Zachariah’s son’s, Nathaniel and his son Daniel. This Stephen’s mother is listed at Geni as Susanna Folger because she married a Jonathan Folger, presumably after the death of Stephen’s father, Daniel. The modern-day Stephen Paddock is the 8-g grandson of this same Zachariah through his son, Zachariah, Jr.  This is significant because Coffin is a Spanish variation on Cohen, and the Coffins and Folgers were extensively outed in a detailed genealogical study by Kevin.

The Paddocks also just happen to share the last name of Army Colonel, Alfred Paddock, who was Commander of a Psychological Operations Group and the senior psychological staff officer in the Office of Secretary of Defense during the 1980s. I could not find any information on whether the families are related. Benjamin’s family comes out of Wisconsin, while Alfred was born in Idaho. But when I came across a picture of Alfred, I thought he looks a lot more like brothers Stephen and Eric than does Benjamin. Here’s a picture of them all side-by-side. You be the judge:

Of course this is in no way definitive and is probably a red herring, but in my opinion they look at least as much like Alfred as they do Benjamin. In other words: we really don’t have a lot of evidence linking these two brothers to their alleged father. They could be anybody.

And one last thing about this family: In one of his interviews, Eric Paddock was wearing a T-shirt for the Central Florida Community Arts, whose chairperson is Sara Brady. Brady owns a PR firm that did PR for the Pulse Nightclub, the family that allegedly lost their son to a alligator attack at Disney World, and The Plaza after the tragic crisis of Christina Grimmie’s presumably hoaxed death.


Crisis Actors: they really scraped the bottom of the barrel for this one, and that’s saying something. From Mike Cronk, the guy who could scarcely contain his giddiness when describing how his friend was shot three times in the chest; to Corinne Lomas who had once made an appearance on the Dr. Phil show as a narcissistic daughter; to Melissa Castruita, who also allegedly survived the San Bernardino hoax; to Braden Matejka, a Vancouver man who was shot in the back of the head and despite claiming both entry and exit wounds from a high caliber rifle, has no signs of any wounds–no bandage, no bandaid, no shaved hair, nothing.

But I want to focus for a moment on the diamond in the rough: Brian Claypool. He’s not a diamond because he’s able to keep his story straight (he’s not), nor because he’s able to stop reading from a script for more than a few seconds (he’s not), nor because he seems credible in any way (he’s not). No, he’s a diamond in the rough because he actually shed a few tears during an interview. That is, as far as I know, the first confirmed real tear from any crisis actor at any event. So I doff my hat.

Of course, Brian is lying through his teeth. He’s also a mainstream mouthpiece (and blowhard), making regular appearances at Fox News and other media outlets as a legal ‘expert.’ Turns out he has a law degree and a law firm. But like many high-profile spook lawyers, he seems to have a knack for picking up high profile fake cases from hoaxed events.


Another big red flag waving in the wind here is the CEO of MGM Resorts, James Murren. MGM owns both Mandalay Bay and Luxor. James is a member of the DHS’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council, whose stated task is to provide “advice on the security of the critical infrastructure sectors and their information systems.” Murren sold about 80% of his shares in MGM resorts in the past couple of months. We are told that other executives also sold shares as part of a corporate buy-back program initiated by the MGM board of directors. But that doesn’t make it any less stinky or implausibly coincidental. It just means the corruption was even more widespread, since we have to wonder why the board suddenly ordered this buyback. And on top of this there is already growing evidence of wider and deeper signs of insider trading.

Another thing that caught my eye was that the sister resort right next to Mandalay Bay is called The Delano. If you’ve read part 1 of my exposé on Smedley Butler that delves into the history of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, you’ll know why that name stood out to me. It suggests that whoever created that hotel was in some way connected to or referencing the Delano family. It turns out that the first Delano hotel was created as a boutique hotel in Miami Beach, Florida by the Morgan group. Woah. Double whammy. If you haven’t read that paper, go take a look to see why the name Morgan is an even bigger red flag, calling out a connection to an even spookier family.

Anyway, it turns out that the Morgan Group was started by Ian Schrager (Jewish), who is credited with co-creating the ’boutique hotel’ concept. Notably, he was also a co-owner of the famed Studio 54, whose frequent clientele reads like a who’s who of celebrity spooks (yes, I realize that’s redundant). Last year he sold Morgan group to SBE Entertainment Group. SBE’s CEO and chairman is Sam Nazarian, whose father, Younes (also a board member), is “a well-known philanthropist, businessman and leader of the Persian Jewish community in Los Angeles and Tel Aviv.” Of course Las Vegas is a town wholly owned and controlled by wealthy and particularly obnoxious Jewish billionaires.


A final note about the ‘mainstream’ conspiracy theories floating around. This is my reading based on the activity I’ve seen on Reddit’s r/conspiracy subreddit since the shooting began. There seems to be a concerted effort to promote the idea the Las Vegas shooting was a false flag, but not a hoax. In other words, people were killed, but it didn’t happen the way the official story says, and not for the reasons we’re given.

So basically we’re sort of seeing the unpacking of a mainstream JFK-style conspiracy theory. But instead of taking years, the mainstream conspiracy stories are being unleashed within hours and days. (If you don’t understand what I’m talking about with JFK, see here.)

Even people presenting evidence of a hoax (fake pictures, crisis actors) are quick to say that they think people really died. Their argument is that the attack was carried out by multiple shooters, and the crisis actors are being used to push the mainstream ‘lone gunman’ theory.

The reigning theory is that there were multiple shooters, and Stephen was a patsy who was framed. As for the “why,” I predict the most popular and widespread conspiracy about Las Vegas is going to involve the “deep state.” This term has now been hijacked to refer to elements of the US government and elite that (allegedly) oppose Trump. This is basically the so-called ‘swamp’ that Trump said he would drain.

We can see a similar narrative in the Charlottesville hoax, where even many of the people claiming it was a hoax tried to argue that it was “the deep state” trying to discredit Trump by making him look like a racist jerk. Here we’re being told that the Las Vegas false flag is aimed at destroying Trump in some way, shape or form. Just like Sandy Hook was blamed on Obama trying to take away your guns, this is now being blamed on ‘the deep state’ that is afraid of Trump and trying to undermine him. This is a highly effective form of misdirection, since to anyone with a liberal political bent it sounds so completely absurd that 1/2 the population or more will dismiss it out of hand as the rantings of some ‘gun nut’ or ‘Trumptard.’

Here is an example of this anti-Trump narrative that is now being pushed, culled from the comments section of this run-down on the shooting (which is actually pretty good, although it also pulls back before declaring this an outright hoax). From “Lon Spector:”

It WAS False Flag. But don’t say no one was killed. Killing people is the LEAST of their concerns. The ultimate objective is a military coup by this winter.
The Deep State wants to instigate civil war. They want to provoke the “deplorables” to fight back. This will justify the military coup to “restore order.”

The first order of business will be to remove President Trump via “trumped up” charges. Next will be Pence by any means necessary. There will be a leadership void and much unrest. They want to do this while McCain is still alive because he has the gravitas. McCain and other RINO’s along with Democrat swine will call for the military to restore order and confiscate weapons. Hilary will be sworn in by spring. A genocide program against the deplorables will commence. A “deplorable” will be any Trump voter, all non-cucked white, Christian male men, middle class or under, conservative Christ’s and unappealing white women. White women who rate 6 or over will be cultivated for sexual slavery.

Antifa and the Muslims have brokered a deal. When the “deplorables” are genocided, Antifa gets everything west of the Missisippi. ISIS gets everything east of the Mississippi. The Antifa are fools just like the Soviets were fools when the made the deal to divide Poland prior to WW2. Once established ISLAM will turn on the prissy, rich Marxists just as Germany caught Russia by surprise during WW2. Do you think for one minute that ISLAM can tolerate Harvey Weinstien, for example?

Sure, Lon, sure. Well in that case, I better go out and buy a gun to protect myself from Antifa and ISIS…

UPDATE OCT 17: Here is a link to a Reddit post with a good compilation of links showing that Vegas was a hoax.

UPDATE JAN 27, 2019: Here is a very good compilation video at LiveLeak that compiles some of the best evidence that the event was a hoax, including many videos from concert-goers saying in real time that the gunshots sounded fake and were coming from the sound system. There is a brief analysis starting at 15:10 of a video supposedly showing a bunch the aftermath where a bunch of people are laying around pretending to be injured.