Miles Mathis posted a paper by an anonymous reader about the hoaxed massacre at Kent State. I also remembered a discussion in the comments section at PoM about some of the iconic pictures from that hoax.

This time around I had read The Mighty Wurlitzer: How the CIA Played America by Hugh Wilford. It’s a limited hangout exposé, but still illuminating in some ways. He mentions there Sherman Kent, a history professor at Yale University, saying the following:

“CIA research and analysis was presided over for much of the Agency’s early existence by Sherman Kent, a Yale history professor and author of a widely read text, Writing History, of which it was said one could substitute the words ‘intelligence officer’ for ‘historian’ and the book would still make perfect sense.”

Wow. Take a moment to consider that last statement in light of all the fake history we are becoming aware of.

Anyway, I wondered if this Kent might have a connection to Kent State. Turns out Kent state is named after the city of Kent, Ohio, which is named after the son of industrialist and politician Marvin Kent. Marvin married Pamelia Lewis, which connects him to a lot of names we’ve seen in Miles’s papers. Marvin Kent was supposedly a business partner of John Brown, the famous abolitionist. (I guess the famed Harpers Ferry incident was a hoax, too…)

If you follow Marvin’s paternal line back to where it ends in West Springfield, MA in the 1700s, we find Daniel Kent marrying Sarah Bedortha. And here we find a Bedortha (along with Lewises and Parsons) mixed up in some witch hunt shenanigans in Springfield, MA.

If you follow Sherman Kent’s line back far enough (you have to go through the maternal line of his great grandmother Adeline Elizabeth Kent (Dutton)), you eventually find yourself in Andover in Essex County MA (Salem area) with a bunch of names that you also find in the Salem trials: Holt, Abbott, Russell, etc. And don’t forget Andover academy is an exclusive (spook) prep school.

That’s the closest I could come to linking the two, but I didn’t try all that hard. Anyway it would not surprise me if these two spooky Kent families are related. Of course there are many Kents in the peerage, and if you look you’ll find that the Stanleys intermarried with people who had castles, etc. in Kent, England (where I assume the name comes from), which has an interesting history itself.